How to Share a Wireless Network Connection Between Two Laptops

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In today’s world, the internet is the most essential need of every human. It’s becoming a habit, children are using Social Profiles or Study, businessman use to share files or data; it means there is a lot of usage of the internet over the world.

We face many problems if there is no internet connection, especially when we have a laptop.

So, sometimes you might feel to create a quick network between two laptops. For that, if you have Windows 7 or Vista then it’s very simple to create a wireless network connection because it comes with a pre-loaded feature.

That means you can share a wireless network connection between two laptops without a router.

Today, in this article I am demonstrating step by step guide on How to share a wireless network connection between two laptops. Just follow all the step and get ready to use share files or data from one laptop to another laptop.

Step by Step Guide to share a wireless network connection:

How to share a wireless network connection between two laptops

Step 1: Open Control Panel and click on “Network and Internet” icon.

Step 2: Network and Internet will open from that click on “Network and Sharing Center“.

Step 3: Network and Sharing Center will open and from that click on “Set up a New Connection or Network“.

Step 4: A small dialogue box will appear showing different connection setup, from that select “Set Up a Wireless Ad Hoc Network” option and click next.

Step 5: Click next again and it will ask you to type a “Network name“, select “Security type” and enter “Security Keys” (password), then click next.

Network name: My Wireless Network (Any desired name)

Security type: WPA2-Personal (default type, you can change as per your choice)

Security Keys: password (put your desired password and remember it thoroughly)

Step 6: Hurray! Your wireless network connection is ready.

Step 7: Now, you want to share a wireless network connection between two laptops, for that click on View Status (Which you want to share) > Properties > Network Sharing tab > Tick the checkbox showing “Allow Other Network Computers to connect through this Computer’s Internet Connection > Ok.

Step 8: Finally, on the other laptop put “Wifi ON” and see your network connection is mentioned under the list. Simply connect from there and you share the wireless internet connection.

So, you have understood the guide on How to share a wireless network connection between two laptops.

If you face any problem in sharing network connection then feel free to share with us via comments so that we can help you to resolve it.


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