Divi vs Wix 2022: Which Website Builder Should You Choose?

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In this post, we will do an in-depth comparison of Divi vs Wix. Want to know which is the right website builder for you? Keep reading.


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Pricing $89 per year $49 per month
Best for

Creating custom WordPress themes of any type.

Small business, eCommerce, portfolios, blogs.

  • In-Line Editing
  • 300+ templates
  • 46+ Content Modules
  • 550+ responsive templates
  • Advanced SEO settings
  • Blogging Functionality
  • Front End Page Builder
  • Hundreds Of Templates
  • Comes Bundled With A Theme
  • Free Hosting
  • Add Animations
  • Customizable Website Builder
  • Lacks Popup Builder
  • Slow Templates
Ease of Use

Easy to use but some options are overwhelming.

Very easy to use with drag and drop functions

Value For Money

Divi has an yearly pricing plan and a lifetime subscription plan. Affordable Pricing Options.

Wiz has various monthly and yearly plans. Yearly pricing is bit higher than monthly.

Customer Support

With many support channels, for most issues, Divi will have you covered.

Live Chat, Forum, Help Center, FAQ, Ticketing System, tutorials.

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In this article we have featured Divi vs Wix, Divi and Wix are extremely important and wonderful website builders which consist of innumerable features and characteristics. It offers you the most exquisite yet brilliant designs to dwell upon.

It offers its users splendid templates for their blog posts and building pages. It carries remarkable capabilities, particularly in departments of SEO ( search engine optimization, which is primarily a system of enhancing your website by showcasing its relevance ).

Both website builders can optimize and customize your pages and blogs and live up to the expectations of the customers, clients, and web designers’ standards undoubtedly. 

Divi is a WordPress theme that can be accessed easily by specialists and newbies giving them the superpower or ability to create aesthetic designs with good quality and efficacy. 

Whereas Wix as a building website is equally intriguing and amazing, which enables us to build our websites at a  faster and quicker pace, with remarkable quality.

It can be used by everyone including freelancers, agencies, website owners, etc. We have already done a detailed review of the Divi Theme. Rollover to check the Divi Theme Review here.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Wix is an amazing template website builder and an advanced intelligence platform mixed into one.

You can choose from over 500 custom made templates and with its incredible drag-and-drop editor you can do wonders. Or if you’d prefer Divi.


It is also a great platform both of them give each other a tough competition. Now its up to you to choose,

Click Here To Get Started With Divi, 

Choosing between the most renowned website builders isn’t an easy task, Wix and Divi comprise their strengths and weaknesses.

Both can design wonderful websites. In the following article, one can draw out unbiased contrast and differentiation between the two. It is for the readers to know and decide the best-suited ones for their needs.

🚀Divi vs Wix: Quick Expert Summary

Divi is a WordPress platform that allows you to create custom website designs. You can either create your own design or choose from a library of pre-made designs. Divi is very user-friendly and does not require any coding knowledge. However, it is more expensive than Wix.

Wix is a drag-and-drop platform that also allows you to create custom website designs. You can use pre-made templates or create your own design from scratch. Wix is less expensive than Divi but it can be more difficult to use.

Both platforms have their own set of pros and cons, so it really depends on your needs as to which one you should choose. If you need a simple website then Wix might be the better option for you. However, if you need a more complex website then Divi would be the better choice.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference as to which platform you choose. Both Divi and Wix have their own set of pros and cons, so it really just depends on what you need and what you’re looking for in a website creation platform.

Whichever one you choose, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and professional website that represents your brand well!

Divi vs Wix 2022: Overview (Who Is The Winner)

Here is a complete comparison between Divi vs Wix. Let’s see which one is better for you:

Divi Overview

Divi Overview- Divi vs Wix website builder

 So, what is Divi exactly? Divi is the latest release, a new commodity presented by Elegant Themes. It is more than simply a WordPress theme. It claims to entirely transform the way you design websites.

Divi offers a framework that lets you entirely create and personalize every little part of your website from start to end, top to bottom. It keeps you entirely in control by assisting you in building the picture-perfect website of your imagination.

But it’s still more than just a design tool. Divi ensures that your website prospers in the right sense.

It has a variety of features to build, design, promote, and further your website to convert your traffic into leads. It is fast-paced and methodical, making it the perfect choice for amateurs and professionals, alike.

Wix Overview

Wix vs Divi- best website builder

Wix is an easy-to-use website-building tool that allows you to design your website without any requirement for you to know to code. Everything you need for the purpose is found with Wix and so it eliminates the need to install any third-party software. All you have to do is to create and run your website in a browser, through the Wix website.

It is a cloud-based platform, which means that it can host service and access it freely through the internet. Wix has ready-to-use templates and a first-of-its-kind Artificial Design Intelligence that will create a website that has human logic. Exciting, isn’t it?

Website builders give you the tools you need to create simple or complex websites without touching any code. However, deciding which website builder is best for you can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

With years of experience, I’ve learned the key differentiators to look for when looking for a website builder.

Using this in-depth review of the top four website builders, you’ll be able to select the best platform for your website’s long-term success. WordPress and Wix both made the top four.

Divi vs Wix: General Overview

The HTML theme builder Divi has made a name for itself as a widely used and feature-packed option for WordPress websites.

The drag-and-drop feature that comes standard with the system is helpful for novice users who are not familiar with the coding language.

On the other hand, people with greater experience will benefit more from an open-source platform that provides premium WordPress support, thorough layout support, and other features.

The initial concept behind the construction of the service was to develop software to compete with conventional WordPress themes, which all have a similar appearance.

Users that purchase Divi receive a tool that enables limitless template development, allowing them to create as many designs as they require.

In 2013, the platform was first introduced to the field of website construction, and it quickly rose to prominence in the market. As of right now, there have been a total of 3,551,822 projects begun with its assistance.

Because of its extensive versatility, Divi can be used to construct any kind of website from the ground up. At the same time, it provides its very own library of over a thousand pre-made layouts, additional modules, and apps.

Wix is a versatile website construction solution that has built a reputation for itself because of the user-friendliness it provides. It is now feasible to develop ready-made websites in a matter of minutes thanks to newly implemented technology and algorithms driven by artificial intelligence.

Wix was first introduced to the public in 2006 and has since developed into a platform that is recognized all over the world. It currently hosts more than 7,043,216 active websites. The website builder is an excellent choice for

inexperienced users. It provides a selection of mobile-friendly templates that can be used for a variety of project kinds and comes with widgets and add-ons that are already integrated. In addition to that, it features a bespoke App Market where users may connect to hundreds of programs with a single click.

Wix is a platform that provides everything you require in one package, therefore each of its plans includes everything you require. Additionally, it comes with a complimentary package that allows users to test out the system at no expense to see if it is a good fit for them.

There is a wide selection of plans available, and some of them include deals for those who own small businesses, merchants, freelancers, bloggers, and others.

Divi vs Wix: Common Features Compared

1. Templates and layouts editing



Divi brags a huge preference for themes. There are more than 1000 designs and templates present in different categories that users can prefer for their websites. Even on mobile phones, preferable designs work significantly.

When you don’t have any interest to use these pre-designed layouts, you can go with the majority strapping substructure with the collection of layout management devices. 


Wix audience can utilize more than 550 various designs and templates. They can be amended as it comes with pre-set purposes.

The themes here are separated into various categories and turned on to the niches or internet site types. It’s on you to select layouts and templates for small-businesses sites, depository, or e-commerce stores.

If you are not succeeding in searching the particular theme from your category, you can go on with the other option and personalize it. 


Divi audience has access to CSS designs and quality. The organization has a good collection of custom-tailored structures and these can be loaded and corrected just in a few seconds, in a click or two.

In Wix, the programmer provides you with mobile personalization devices and through this, you can blank out or visualize the elements, go with the various background, and also can revise the menu sections. read further to know all the information on Divi vs Wix.

2. Logo Creator  


You can add your custom logo with the help of Divi. Also, you must have a theme of designs and templates which should be combined with WordPress already. The choices and options of this Divi theme are available on the notification bar. 


Wix logo creator- Divi vs Wix

Besides the Wix ADI to construct websites for the users, the organization also has another choice or features that help you to design the logos without web designing skills. The device here runs likewise. 


Divi can be utilized to transfer or change the current logo, make alterations to the default color pallet, add up favicon, and authorize a few Divi page elements.

In Wix, the program here will instinctively give rise to many logo samples your only work is to give the program details about your plan or project and niches.

Select the preferable one and adjust it with the website thoroughly, another route is to transfer the existing logo. 

3. Add-ons and widgets.



As earlier said, Divi is combined with WordPress, it simply means that you can utilize this with several WP plugins from statistics and SEO development to email retailing, content cascading, and many more.

Also, it is possible with the program to combine the third-party services into the constructor itself. The organization here comes with the passcode module which you can have already inserted in the third-party shortcodes. 


Wix consists of personalizing App retail and it also consists of a huge selection of Add-ons and widgets. There are variations of third-party apps that can help personalize the internet sites and also makes sure about good customer engagement. You can also connect the various forms, CTA blocks, audience accession elements, and many more. 


Divi is very comfortable to use but the combination here looks more multiplex than compare to Wix like you do not have to worry to get the passcode from anywhere.

Wix is created to touch the nook-specific necessities which include real estate, hospitality, and other services. Some of the applications here are free to use but some need subscription plans. 

4. Online search engines. 


Divi includes the inDividual blogging section. You can generally keep it at any place on the internet site. To allow this function, you just have to click on the “insert module” button and select the “blog” button. The segments here have the foremost three major setting choices that also cover:- 

  • Content 
  • Layouts and designs
  • Advanced


Wix comes with a combined blogging section. The audience here can easily add up the nooks-specific blog with a simple tap. This feature prefers a diversity of devices to add up, edit, remake or change the scheduled posts.

If you want to make it a reliable and easy read for the connection with the brand-new content upgrades then you can remain in contact with the tag cloud, custom feeds or features post segments. 


Comparing both the platforms, the blogging functionality is strongest in both the programs with all the significant devices to manage the features and contents.

5. e-commerce Features


Divi retailing features are concentrated more on e-commerce specialized templates and designs. They also come with combined choices which include shopping cart options, product pages, and many more. One must know that we are having a conversation about the WordPress theme constructor. 


Wix eCommerce builder- Wix vs Divi

Wix has a second name as an eCommerce-ready program. It has a vast variety of shopkeepers who are trying to open a digital store despite the size. The users here are unbound to make commerce-oriented template designs.

You get an all-set online store that needs only a few changes and little modifications. Select a template design, choose your required product, add content to it, add pictures, and go live with it. 


Two of the platform here works incredibly in terms of comfortability and customization.

Divi comes here with more personalized freedom for the users, and its search engine features look far-reaching for the products Wix doesn’t need any arrangements, it is rapid to create a blog or initiate with the product. Both the platforms here are good to go and have good features. 

6. E-commerce

Are e-commerce capabilities available through Divi or Wix?

In point of fact, neither one of them needs any improvement in this regard. Permit me to explain why that is.


WooCommerce may be easily integrated with the proprietary eCommerce toolkit that comes along with Divi. Woocommerce is the most widely used e-commerce plugin in the world, and it is an excellent choice for those who wish to operate an online store.

Listed below are some of Divi’s e-commerce capabilities:

Make a Sale of Your Items

Showcase an unlimited number of items in your shop so that customers may look through them and buy your wares online. Using WordPress to sell things has never looked so appealing.

Offering the Divi Product for Sale

Utilizing Divi’s WooCommerce Modules, you may Create Product Layouts.
With the help of custom WooCommerce Modules, you can exert complete authority over the layout of your product pages. These Modules provide you the ability to generate and manage any individual WooCommerce element located anywhere on your website.

You have complete control over what information is displayed on your product listings, may rearrange the order of elements, and can even combine WooCommerce modules with regular Divi modules to build virtually anything. The Divi plugin raises WooCommerce to an entirely new level.


Additionally, eCommerce is a strong suit for Wix’s feature set. In point of fact, three of Wix’s eight premium plans offer eCommerce functionality that is fully integrated.

You can have access to all of the tools you require to sell online for as low as $23 per month. These tools include both the necessities, such as the ability to accept online payments, and the luxuries, which include automatic sales tax calculation and currency conversion.

The tools that Wix provides for eCommerce are fairly advanced. On the other hand, they do not come close to matching the functionality of competitive specialized eCommerce website builders such as Shopify.

Customers who desire a website that can sell a few items here and there on the side are the primary target audience for Wix’s eCommerce plans. Wix’s eCommerce plans are quite affordable. It is not recommended for usage in legitimate online enterprises because of security concerns.

In conclusion, both Divi and Wix are excellent choices for online storefronts. Both of them come with wonderful modules that make it possible for you to construct great shop pages.

Some unique features. 


  • Divi consists of original and bottom constructors with 45 drag and drops options and settings. 
  • Keep these settings and modules with those rows and sections to make your layout designs. 
  • Enhance your website’s efficiency by using A/B TESTING. 
  • Divi has good fluency and flexibility, it is multilingual and consists of RTL support. 


  • Wix has three routes to create your internet sites and these are Wix artificial design intelligence, Wix Code, and Wix editor. 
  • This program also consists of drag-and-drop intercession and 25 building compounds with various choices for each element.
  • In relevance to your answers to the questions, the Wix ADI constructs a customized website quickly.

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Is Wix completely free?

Wix is free to use for as long as you want. If you require professional features such as your own domain name or eCommerce, you must select one of their premium plans, which range from “Combo” to “Business VIP.” It is ad-free, comes with a one-year domain name, and has enough storage for most needs.

Democratizing The Process

Though technological advances made it easier to design and build your own website, the job was still largely reserved for experts who had studied programming languages and knew how to write code. This meant that businesses would still need to hire programmers to build out their websites.

It was an expensive investment that didn’t make sense for small businesses. That is, until HTML 5 was released, allowing businesses to create simple and intuitive drag-and-drop website builders.

These effectively democratized the process of creating a website, allowing anyone with access to a computer to leave their mark on the internet.

Two of the most popular in the current arena of building technology are Divi and Wix. Both of these services give people the ability to design their own page, implement various special features, promote products, and share ideas.

But which one is truly going to make your life easier? Which is the best use of your money? Which won’t cause you problems down the road? We’re going to dig through both services and do our best to answer those questions for you.

Divi vs Wix: Design and Flexibility

Wix is a more adaptable and versatile platform that comes with a number of pre-installed features. Divi is primarily used to create themes for use with the WordPress content management system.

It contains a number of built-in features. However, to integrate third-party services within the platform, users will mostly use regular WP plugins, shortcodes, and custom code modules.

Editing Templates

Users of Wix have access to over 550 distinct templates. They’re all mobile-friendly and include pre-installed features that can be tweaked.

Depending on the specialty or website type, each theme is separated into numerous categories. You may pick a layout for a small company website, a portfolio, or a digital store here.

If you can’t find a theme in your category, you can choose one from another category and personalize it. As previously stated, users have the option of creating their own layouts from scratch by utilizing custom modules and page components.

The Mobile View option allows you to optimize your future website for consumers on both desktop and mobile devices. Separate mobile customization options are available in the editor to hide or reveal components, change the backdrop, adjust menu sections, and more.

Divi has a large number of themes to choose from. Users may choose from over 1,000 distinct templates, all of which are grouped into categories.

All of the layouts work well on a variety of mobile devices. You may utilize a strong framework with a set of layout management capabilities if you don’t want to employ pre-designed layouts.

You may, for example, generate many mockups, store them, and assign them to different categories for easier access. The system has a large number of custom modules and blocks that may be easily added and altered.

In addition, additional style choices such as lowering contrast, increasing brightness, applying different visual effects, and so on are available here. Divi users also have complete control over CSS style and properties.

Divi vs Wix: Which One Is Easier to Use?

As a WordPress theme builder, Divi is quite popular among users. On the other hand, in contrast to the vast majority of other products of its kind, the program may be accessed directly from the browser and does not require any installation or download in advance.

In addition to its drag-and-drop capabilities, the WordPress template builder Divi was one of the first to feature inline editing for its users. Because of this, the technique is suitable for people who are just starting out.

Users will have access to a wide array of editing options for their layouts. You have access to a large array of modules and blocks, and you may position them wherever you need on the page using a variety of editing tools, including a visual editor, bulk editing, and WYSIWYG technology.

In addition to the standard galleries, headers, and sliders, this website also includes countdowns, sections with calls to action (CTA), contact forms, and other similar features. Every block can be edited individually. You can make any necessary adjustments by merely double-clicking on the section you want to change, and your changes will be automatically saved.


Wix enables users to create websites with no knowledge of coding required and was designed with non-techies in mind from the beginning. The building process may be managed by anyone, and anyone can start from scratch to develop whatever kind of website they want.

In addition, users have the option of selecting a plan that already incorporates a domain name and hosting, eliminating the need to independently manage or purchase these components. When getting started, you will have the opportunity to select one of three primary paths.

You may acquire a website that is completely ready to go with all of the necessary sections and add-ons depending on the sort of website you choose to create by selecting a Wix template that is already in the market.

All that is required of you is to add content and perform some light tweaking. Regardless of which option you select, the system will allow you to rearrange the blocks and sections as well as add new ones by selecting them from a list on the dashboard (headers, galleries, sliders, contact forms, Feature blocks, and more).

The customer service provided by the Wix website builder is of a high caliber and professional. You are given the ability to search through its Knowledge Base, which contains a variety of tutorials, manuals, guidelines, and online resources.

In a similar manner, subscribers to the system have access to services such as the ticketing system, email, and VIP assistance, all of which ensure a high-end outcome.

The Help Center provides access to a variety of educational resources, including blogs, guides, and tips, as well as video and text tutorials. If help is required, you can look through a system forum and seek assistance from a knowledgeable person.

Customer Support


 Divi offers prompt and responsive customer support. They claim to provide personalized support and superior-quality conversations to help you overcome your doubts and be able to make optimum use of Divi.

Initially, Divi had a support forum where you could post your question or search for one and then find the answers among the ones already given or wait for a new one.

That forum is still open for use. However, recently Divi has announced that they are starting Live Chat for all consumers. This means that now you can contact Divi and get your queries solved almost instantaneously. Since there are close to 2 million questions answered on the forum, the abundance of knowledge there is unimaginable and still available for you to access.

The Live Chat option makes it easier for your query-solving experience to become personal. No matter where you are on the Elegant Themes website, all you have to do is look for the pink chat icon and say hello to get in touch with the sales as well as the support team. 

In case you close the chat window, due to any reason, the response will be mailed to you automatically, so you don’t even need to hang around waiting for answers. It’s that efficient!


 If you wish to contact Wix for support, the site makes it easy. All you have to do is open the support option and click on the button to either submit a ticket or you can even request a callback from the team, so they can personally help you with your queries.

They offer services in multiple languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Each language has been given a different time frame, which is shown on the website. So, if you wish for a particular language, you can refer to their list and contact them at that time. For speedy responses, it helps if you categorize your query.

This way Wix will directly connect you to a Customer Care Expert specializing in dealing with that category only. This saves time and effort. Furthermore, Wix has a Help Center that has various categories containing many questions.

You can also find yours from there and get the ready-made answer. 

Divi vs Wix: The Pricing Battle


Divi website builder pricing

Divi offers two pricing plans, Yearly Access, and Lifetime Access. For both plans, you can cancel or upgrade your membership anytime after signing up. Also, you can try Divi for 30 days and get a refund, if you do not enjoy its services.

Divi offers to build websites without any coding or installing multiple third-party plugins. Both plans offer equal access to:

  • Themes like Extra and Plugins like Bloom and Monarch
  •  24/7 support
  •  Regular Updates
  •  Guaranteed Security
  •  Unlimited use of Themes on various websites

1) Yearly Access: $71 per year

2)  Lifetime Access: $199 one time. This plan offers a fee to be paid only once with lifetime access to the above-mentioned benefits.

   Currently, their website is offering a Summer Sale of a 20% discount for a very limited period.


Wix pricing- Divi vs Wix comparison

Wix offers Premium different plans for your Website and Business & eCommerce.

 WIX for Website

 All website premium plans include:

  • Free web hosting
  • Customized icon for your website’s browser
  • More storage space to upload content
  • Customized Domain
  • Google Analytics to track and analyze the website traffic.
  • Priority support for all your queries.

   There are 4 main plans under this category:

1)  Connect Domain: This is the most basic plan at a price of ₹80 per month. It is billed annually and is not ad-free. This plan offers-

  1. Customized domain
  2. The bandwidth of 1GB
  3. 500MB storage

2)  Combo plan: If you are looking at more personal use, then this is the perfect plan for you. It comes at a price of ₹125 per month, billed annually. The offerings are-

  1. Customized domain
  2. The bandwidth of 2GB
  3. 3GB storage
  4. Ad-free display
  5. The Domain is Free for 1 year
  6. 30 minutes for Video

3)  Unlimited Plan: This is the most popular plan for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers for ₹185 per month. It offers-

  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. 10GB storage
  3. Customized domain
  4. Ad-free display
  5. 1-year free Domain
  6. 1 video hour
  7. Site Booster App – $60
  8. Google Analytics – $60

4)  VIP Plan: Billed annually at ₹325 per month, this is a First Priority Support plan. It comes with the same offers as the Unlimited plan with additions like-

  1. 20GB storage
  2. 2 Video hours
  3. Professional logo at $50
  4. 40+ different logos that can be used on various social media channels.
  5. Your queries will be solved on a priority basis.
  6. VIP support

WIX for Business & eCommerce

There are three plans under this category. All the plans offer to have a few common benefits:

  • Payments are accepted Online.
  • Supports different payment methods like PayPal and credit cards.
  • Includes SSL certificate for free thus making online shopping safe and secure.
  • Provides more storage for more content creation.
  • Helps you build an ad-free website.
  • Build a customized domain for your website.

1) Business Basic: This plan comes at ₹225 per month and accepts online payments. The main features include-

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. 20GB Storage
  3. 5 Video Hours

2) Business Unlimited: This popular plan helps you grow your business at a price of ₹300 per month. It is billed annually and includes-

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. 20GB Storage
  3. 10 Video Hours

3) Business VIP: You get every feature in this plan at ₹500 per month. The features are-

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. 50GB Storage
  3. Video hours are Unlimited

Over and above the above-mentioned benefits, the plans also offer site booster apps, Google Analytics, professional logo creation, and other various eCommerce features.


Both, Divi and Wix provide value for money. Which is best suited for you? It entirely depends on your business requirements and what exactly are you looking for in a website builder.

If you are looking to build a website on your own and save some money, then Wix would be your choice. If you are keen on getting regular updates and a 24/7 support system, then our recommendation would be Divi. 

Divi vs Wix: SEO

I’ll try to keep this brief. Both are excellent for SEO.

I’ve been able to rank numerous of my websites at the top of Google for extremely competitive keywords. Several of my Divi websites have over 500,000 visitors per year from Google.

In fact, the website you’re viewing is designed with Divi. And it receives over 30.000 views per month – all through SEO.

Having said that, the same can be said for Wix. I’ve seen some large Wix websites with millions of monthly visitors, all because of SEO.

Divi vs Wix: Pros And Cons

Divi Pros

  • It has an easy-to-use drag and Drops visual page builder.
  • It has plenty of customizable templates and layouts which are ready to use.
  • The theme can be customized with a variety of features.
  • Any type of website can be built using Divi.
  • Divi is value for money as it provides lifetime access which can be used on unlimited websites.
  • It has numerous Tutorials which guide you if you have any queries or if you are unable to understand a certain aspect.
  • The Divi theme is translated into 32 languages, thus making it accessible to a global audience.
  • Any changes to the website design can be done quickly and easily without the help of a developer.


  • It doesn’t have a popup builder.
  • The template options are too many. This creates confusion in practical use.
  • The layouts will stop working when Divi is deactivated.
  • It takes a while to understand the working of this theme.

Wix Pros

  • It offers free hosting, thus giving you the freedom to create your website just as you want.
  • All the features are entirely customizable allowing you to create a website as per your imagination.
  • Wix comes with in-built galleries for video, photo, and audio. It offers a blog template, integration of SEO and social media, analytics, and lots more.
  • It has a template for everyone’s needs. No matter what your purpose, the requirement is, you will find your creations here.
  • Wix allows you to add animations to your text and other elements.


  • The loading speed of Wix is not up to the mark, especially if you are using it on a mobile device.
  • It is not possible to change to an entirely new template. You can make changes to the existing template, but switching over to a new one is not easy.

Wix Statistics

Wix is one of the website-building firms that has been around for a while. It was created in Israel in 2006, and the company today has 5,000 workers. Builtwith.com, an internet statistics company, claims that it currently powers over 8 million websites. This indicates that it has a relatively large user base.

Because of this, it is a more successful business than many other competing platforms, such as Squarespace, Shopify, Jimdo, and Weebly, all of which have significantly lower user bases.

It is important because Wix is a huge company since this lowers the likelihood that the company will go out of business, taking your website with it, and it also ensures that you will receive frequent improvements to its feature set.

What exactly are “video hours” on Wix?

The ‘video hours’ function that Wix provides enables you to post video content to your site, which you can then either sell or rent out to others. It could be handy for musicians, filmmakers, or vendors of online courses that want to charge a fee for access to their video content.

Because many of the competing platforms typically only permit you to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and the like, this is another aspect of the product that makes it quite unique in the website builder market.

The amount of hours varies depending on the plan, starting at 30 minutes for the ‘Combo’ plan and going all the way up to infinite for the ‘Business VIP’ plan.

FAQs: Divi vs Wix

👉Is Divi SEO-friendly?

Absolutely. The multiple and varied features offered by Divi make it not just SEO-friendly, but also the best choice for SEO writing as compared to other WordPress themes.

👉Will Divi slow down my website?

Since Divi is an entire website designing tool in itself, there is no need to depend on any other software in collaboration with Divi, such as Photoshop or Sketch. Thus, it does require more resources than other WordPress themes that are comparatively elementary. But because of its enhancements, it runs fast, and therefore there is no risk of it slowing down your website.

👉 Can editing be done in collaboration on Wix?

No. As of now, Wix does not allow more than one contributor to edit at the same time. However, features are constantly being updated and this suggestion will be noted as well.

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Conclusion: Divi vs Wix 2022 | Which One Should You Choose?

Divi and Wix both are splendid and outstanding examples of WordPress themes. They both are exquisite and remarkable in their ways and methods.

Divi, on one hand, is extremely popular as well A well-known Website builder offering numerous themes and options, it has specifically designed third-party plugins exclusively for its users.

Divi organizes a community where interaction takes place through meetings, blog posts, videos, etc.

Divi provides an option to its customers to customize their page, any column, or a section. It even has pre-designed templates or themes, an option of drag as drop modules, along with the option of A/ B testing & even offers a good support team.

On the other hand, Wix is equally astonishing with intelligent features. It provides us with options like a drag-and-drop interface, offering an innumerable number of templates, with All the additional features like video, etc. Wix is flexible. 

Wix offers us options like Wix code, Wix Editor, and Wix artificial design. And it even holds hosting options. 

Indeed, choosing Divi vs Wix is difficult, it leaves us in real amazement and confusion simultaneously. Many customers prefer Divi and Wix equally. And it’s extremely tough to know who wins over what attribute.

The readers and users can aptly decide the required WordPress theme for one’s needs. Therefore, these webpage builders are equally magnificent and elegant.

Divi and Wix both are splendid and outstanding examples of WordPress themes. They both are exquisite and remarkable in their ways and methods. 


52 thoughts on “Divi vs Wix 2022: Which Website Builder Should You Choose?”

  1. I’ve been using Wix for some time now and I liked it pretty much. Wix is a simple to-utilize site building apparatus that permits you to plan your site with no prerequisite for you to know to code.Wix has prepared to-utilize layouts and a first of kind Artificial Design Intelligence will make a site that has human rationale.

  2. Divi has a lot of advantages over other themes. I like Divi because it’s easy to use and does not require a lot of design experience.

    I like the lifetime fee because I don’t have to pay for annual updates. I would recommend Divi to my clients.

    Divi is a great theme, and it’s totally worth the investment if you’re looking for a long-term option.

  3. One of the best things about Divi is that it comes with a library of premade layouts. Choose whichever layout that suits your needs, and you don’t need to start from scratch or from the templates you’ve saved.

    Divi gives you the best of both worlds: the freedom to customize any layout and the convenience of using prebuilt layouts.

  4. Divi is a drag and drop theme editor, allowing even those of us who aren’t designers or developers to access what is essentially the back end of the site. Divi’s site does a great job of showing off the tool if you want to see what I mean on your own by trying it out😉

  5. Divi is a drag and drop website builder that has a beautiful UI and a fully responsive layout that scales to any device. It offers 18 different pre-made layouts and 40+ different modules.
    I highly recommend using this 👌

  6. Divi has some downsides to it like:
    Some bugs, especially while making more mind-boggling formats
    Live visit support just for trial period

  7. Divi works perfectly fine! It’s the best put there.
    The number of customization options on this thing will blow your mind. I mean, you can customize everything to the finest detail.
    Divi makes it all too easy with the intuitive visual page builder to customize your websites . All this comes at very cheap price so that many people can afford it. Great thing invented 👏

  8. Divi has fantastic support for the WordPress Theme Customizer. It can be used to change colors, fonts, navigation, widgets, and more.
    Divi uses the Elegant Themes ePanel options page too. From there you can upload your logo, integrate advertisements, and define SEO settings. The panel is starting to look its age, but it remains useful for making essential changes to your website.

  9. I’m really chronically building sites online, but for me, this has been the easiest site builder to use. I’ve tried many other different programs that are also quite popular and expensive, but Wix is by far my favorite. The instructions are logical, there are tons of templates to choose from with all sorts of styling capabilities to make your site uniquely you! It’s not hard at all… All in all it’s a great website builder program because you can make anything happen – literally.

  10. Divi is an extremely versatile theme that can be configured to suit just about any need, but it doesn’t sacrifice simplicity to get the job done. There are so many great features and settings that will give your site a level of personalization you may not have seen before in other WordPress themes. For example, did you know that Divi has its own A/B testing functionality? It really couldn’t get much more user-friendly than this.

  11. Wix is the centerpiece of my life. It allows me to create what I need when I need it anywhere, anytime! The Wix artificial design intelligence really helps take the workload off of me and helps us save energy by automatically constructing websites, like this one (Photos were not uploaded)! And with easy-to use interface novices can get started up pretty quickly there are plenty of tools for editing too if that’s what you’re into. Ever since switching to Wix Code three years ago everything is easy for me.

  12. Wix is the best website builder out there. Once you’ve created your template, I can’t even express how easy it is to customize with their drag+drop editor. Plus they have a whole team of designers that will help you design everything from scratch if need be. You can do ANYTHING with Wix and because it’s all mobile-friendly, no one will ever get left out browsing your amazing site! I know this because my friends kept asking me ‘how did you make such a great site so quickly?’ and when I told them…it was mainly due to Wix! All jokes aside though, the engineering behind this product is astounding and so intuitive too. So what are you waiting for? Get started on building something.

  13. Divi has changed the way you design websites forever. No need to spend hours and days scrolling through your Tumblr feed for minimal blog layouts anymore. Now, all you have to do is click a button and boom: it’s right there in front of you waiting for you to download and use! You can literally be designing your blog or portfolio website in less than one minute with Divi by Elegant Themes must use this .

  14. I’ve been using Wix for about a year and it is absolutely hands down the best way to make websites.This product saves me so much time that I simply wasn’t getting from my old website maker, because there’s no need to wait until editing is over before uploading photos or altering settings on your animated gifs.

  15. “I was always up for a challenge, so I took the Divi system for a test run. I thought to myself: could I really build my own website? The answer’s yes and no, and the ‘no’ mostly feels like cake: it tastes good but you can’t eat much of it at once.”

  16. From the minute I signed up for Divi, I knew it was going to be a perfect match. It’s free and incredibly easy to use! There are so many things that come bundled as default in this all-in-one website builder so you don’t have to pay for those expensive add ons anymore – front pages, blog posts, contact forms, 404 error pages. You can even save your favorite styles and layouts and edit content blocks without touching code! Who needs any other website builder anyways?.

  17. Wix is my absolute favorite website-building tool! I just got it and I’ve been designing up a storm. It’s so easy to use and the designs are very lovely – they almost make you want to continue building your site, even if you don’t really need one and if you’re bad at creating nice pictures or memorable fonts, never fear: Wix has Artificial Design Intelligence that will create a pic with human logic for any way in which you’d like it formatted.

  18. “I was searching for a way to make my business’s website look more professional and appealing. I came across the Divi theme, which offers an entire system to help me create exactly what I had in mind with freedom and ease.”

  19. Wix is the best thing to happen to website building. I can’t believe how easy it was and all our clients love it by using its unique drag-and-drop editor and over 500 templates.

  20. Divi outperforms all other themes by leaps and bounds. I am experienced on WordPress development, having worked for multiple corporations, private firms, and freelancing on the side… But Divi blows them out of the water with its fresh designs.

  21. I’ve been using this Wix sitebuilder for a few months now, and it is so far the best I have seen. Super easy to use, super helpful when you need extra help, frequent updates making me stay in love with this product more and more. With its great templates and flawless editor, this site builder is my go-to.

  22. Are you looking for a website builder that is very easy to use and made just for YOU? Look no further than Wix. You can choose from hundreds of templates- so there’s always one perfect for the every occasion, and with it’s inventive drag and drop editor, your site will be up and running in minutes.

  23. I’ve always wanted to make a website, but to be honest I’m not exactly the best artist! But with Wix you don’t have to worry about that. You can personalize it how ever you want and change something whenever feels right. I also like how it kept track of what my account was doing JUST in case anything went wrong – which it never has even if I tried.

  24. Hey guys, I don’t have a ton of money to invest in a custom website or design so when I found Divi it was perfect. The plug-ins and layouts are really intuitive and importing content from Google Sites is quick and easy for me since that’s the site where our church puts up all their information. It didn’t take long at all before my entire site was designed just how we wanted it! For what you get with this product, the price is totally worth it in my opinion.

  25. For designers who like to make an impression, Divi is the framework of their dreams. Ignore what anyone else thinks and be wholly unique with every design element on your website! Think about all of the things you can do with Divi: everything from designing buttons and menus to making tweaks in coding.

  26. Divi always provides encouragement by answering questions quickly and guiding their customers through every stage of their journey into website ownership.

  27. Divi is the best! I love how easily they’re able to help me put together my website exactly how I want it. It’s always so great when you find software that automatically does what you need, with little or no effort on your part.

  28. The loading speed of Wix is not up to the mark, especially if you are using it on a mobile device. It can be difficult to make changes because there are only about 10 main templates to change the website design. Overall, Wix needs some work before its customers will call it “revolutionary” .

  29. I have always been interested into cutting-edge technology, but have found that there are few resources. I’m so glad that I discovered the Divi Framework now because now I can use it to create my own website! It is so much fun personalizing every little detail on my site, and this product has endless complimentary features. All of the modules are great – they look great too! Thanks to the team at Elegant Themes for giving me a tool to help me get ahead in life.

  30. I’ve tried a lot of different, complicated website builders before and I can honestly say Divi is by far the simplest one yet! The drag-and-drop interface was intuitive enough that I got up and running in no time at all – it was so much fun to play with. There are tons of free themes that come to life straight away just waiting for you to go wild designing them.

  31. Wix is the coolest website builder out there, it’s so easy to use and everything just works! It even handles all your customer data for you, so I don’t have to do anything.

  32. I was always able to use my skills in design, but I didn’t have the time or expertise to work on something that felt so daunting. Divi makes your administrative tasks less intimidating because it lets you handle every detail from start to finish. It’s great for beginners and experts alike.

  33. I’ll be honest, when I first found out about Divi, I felt like I was an evangelist. Back in the day, you didn’t even have to think about how many plug-ins you were installing or what language your scripting is in. You just built it and put it online for people to come enjoy.

  34. The Divi framework is powerful! It’s like Bootstrap for websites- but better. With limitless options in the Theme Customizer, you can always make your website look great without having to worry about messing up any lines of code along the way. Plus, with all of these shared elements and native WordPress integrations, you won’t have to spend hours searching for different options on Google.

  35. Wix is amazing! I can’t believe how it lets me do so much within minutes. The templates are beautiful, and the design tools are not only easy to use but they have everything you need – photo editing, music editing, GIFs… It’s so fast too! And there’s no coding required. It also has a powerful artificial intelligence engine to help you find or create anything that goes into your website or blog.

  36. I’m not a professional, but my website is pretty cool. I tried to design it myself and I had no idea
    what I was doing, so my site looked like hot garbage. Divi is the perfect solution for people who don’t know how to make websites (like me) or anybody who wants more control over their website building process. Love your new website? It was easier than ever! I love the effects and all these other settings that maybe you can adjust later, but really nothing that’s too complicated.”

  37. I love this thing, I’ll tell you why. Divi gives you the freedom to create your whole website from scratch. You can make it exactly how you want it to be, with complete control over every detail, including color scheme and navigation features. It’s just as easy as that – no other services required.If everything goes haywire later on down the line, simply find where your debug codes are located and fix them up in minutes! There’s nothing else like this platform out there because Divi has perfected what so many other developers have missed entirely: simplicity.

  38. A review by a satisfied customer, “Wix is so user friendly, I was able to create the website within minutes!”

    Imagine an editor putting together this site with Wix. It’s very easy for them! When you are new to using it it might take more time but try building some little projects before trying the next size of project like my colleagues did and they’re making progress. The community can also help one another through tutorials on how things work too since there are plenty out there.

  39. I wanted to tell you about my experience with Wix and it’s an amazing piece of tech!
    I first signed up for the service and was prompted every step of the way. I really liked how simple it made things for me, because as a nontech person, I never know what buttons to push.

  40. The Wix ADI is by far the best design I have seen. You know how when you say “Hey, let’s make a website” and all of your friends are like “Ugh… I don’t want to deal with that…”? But not with this program.
    The Wix ADI generates everything for you! It chooses the most appropriate font, the ideal border radii – it even knows how large to make my disclaimer text before they scroll off-screen. It’s truly outstanding in every way.

  41. I recently started to use Wix and it’s amazing. It lets me create the website which is really cool and I can do all sorts of things with its easy to use interface. This template maker is way better than Shopify, we host our own websites and they’re incredible both because how high quality they are and also because we don’t have to pay any fees that would go towards other ad sizes.

    Some people say that Wix doesn’t provide enough customization but it has WAY more templates than WordPress so if anything you might want to consider making he most beautiful creation yet.

  42. Divi is a magical product that’s innovative and cool. I never thought i could create such beautiful designs in no time – all without any coding! The recent updates even fix the font for my Hebrew, so I never have to worry about bad translations or dilemmas of displaying improper words. It’s perfect for me and I couldn’t be more satisfied with Divi! Definitely two thumbs up from this.

  43. I have to use Wix for all my websites because it’s just so easy! With their advanced Artificial Design Intelligence, I can create any site with the latest trends. The drag-and-drop interface is also super helpful if these are your first steps into web development since you only need basic coding skills. All in all, this platform has simple design and excellent usability which makes building websites a total breeze.

  44. The Divi theme is the perfect tool for those who want to construct a website that speaks volumes. Eliminate all background noise and distractions with this amazing builder. The packages available give your work an air of professionalism, making you stand out from the rest and not be forgotten…get it now and you wont regret.

  45. I was looking for a new website and after doing some research I found out that Wix was rated as one of the best. Unlike any other site builder, what you see is what you get, so adding text or images is easy and simple with their drag-and-drop editor. As opposed to other builders where patience and lots of time were needed to even figure out how to use it and create an average website. Wix’s template packs are packed with everything from information summaries on potential careers with the intelligent AI system which helps turn your ideas into reality it makes designing a website as natural as breathing.

  46. It’s good that you can change up the template to fit your needs. The layout is just so confusing- I had no clue what anything meant. It took me days before I got the hang of it, even with some help from my web designer buddy who tried his best to make sense of things for me.

  47. Divi only lets you upload pre-made templates, and doesn’t let you edit them. When Divi is deactivated, the layouts stop working as well which means that this theme isn’t really worth buying just yet since it’s hard to understand how templates work.

  48. I had trouble with figuring out how to make my own website, but Wix helped me create awesome websites without having to learn new skills. You can choose from pre-built layouts or use your own pictures and fonts, too.

  49. I remember vividly when I first installed Wix onto my laptop. It was so frustrating that it took well over twenty minutes to just find the right date option for me to use and then, when I finally can get in and create a profile for myself, there were no customizable reminders.


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