Sellics Review 2022 Is this the Best Amazon Seller Tool ? (Sellics Pricing & Features)

Reviewing One Of The Most Incredible Amazon Seller Tools: Sellics Review

It is a pretty easy task to get started with your Amazon Business. The massive challenge faced by marketers and business owners in growing their venture as well as rising over their competition. In today’s time, you need multiple tools in order to boost the growth of your venture with the help of the right metrics at the right time in order to make business decisions that can fetch you profit. 


For the successful growth of the Amazon Business, you need to combine various analytics tools for getting the data that is needed. This is where we have tools like Sellics Sellics, which is basically a one-stop solution for Amazon sellers. It bundles up 3 to 5 various analytics tools all in a single package. The tool can be used for optimizing the ranking, managing reviews, monitoring competitors, tracking various metrics related to performance, and much more. 

In this curated post, we will be trying to cover all the aspects of this platform so that you can decide if Sellics can work for your Amazon Business or not.

Knowing More About Sellics

Sellics started as a basic keyword rank tracker and was founded in the year 2014. Over time, it added numerous other features in all these years for becoming a comprehensive solution for the Amazon Sellers. The platform is associated with several big brands, which include L’Oréal, Chal-Tec, Private Label Journey, and Bosch. 

Sellics offers two separate platforms viz: the Seller Edition for the Amazon Sellers and the Vendor Edition for the Amazon Vendors. This post focuses on the Seller Edition, which is exclusively for the Amazon Sellers having Seller Central accounts.

The Features That Make It An Astounding Platform


The platform offers you modules that help the company get a pretty detailed view of your company. You get to evaluate each aspect of the company, all in just a single location. This gives you an overview of the results, along with the option to automate the aspects. 

Let us get started with the best attributes of the platform: 

→ Profit Dashboard

The Profit Dashboard lets the user monitor the analytics of income all in real-time. It deducts the Amazon fees, FBA, Coupons, PPC fees, product cost, and taxes automatically. This gives you a completely automated estimate of the actual income on Amazon.

→ PPC Manager

It is helpful in saving time as well as optimizing the PPC promotions so that the PPC sales on Amazon can be increased. It also helps in concentrating on the effectiveness of the ads as well as generate a greater return on the ad spending. 

Here you can also evaluate the success of your campaign as well as monitor the performance of the supported ads for a time span. This enables the user to see the improvements that have influenced the campaign results in a positive manner. 

What is more, this function saves you from performing the normal tasks that are often time-consuming, like transferring the keywords that are high-performing from one campaign to the other or inserting the underperforming keywords manually to the list of negative keywords. 

It can save a lot of your time as well as trouble for setting up the new campaign.

→ Amazon Ranking Optimizer

About 90 percent of the customers place their orders on pages 1 to 3 of the Amazon results. If your product is not available here, you will miss out on a lot of your revenue. The keyword analysis and ranking optimization allow the users to build the conversion as well as benchmarking lists against the competitors. 

Step 1: The Amazon Keyword analysis has the potential of taking the guessing job out of what the clients are in search of on Amazon. Your campaigns get turbocharged with the winning and high-volume keywords.

Step 2: You can optimize the listings of your products to see quickly which listing should be updated. Here you also get the listing optimizer in order to fill the content gaps. 

Step 3: It lets you track the keyword rankings and see if the efforts for refining the ranking over time have created an impact.

→ Review Management

Negative reviews have a serious impact on conversion and can compromise the ranks. Review management helps the sellers in responding to the negative feedback as early as possible for mitigating the impact. It informs the user of any new feedback immediately. You can connect the account to the Income Dashboard with just a single button. The platform can automatically measure all the Amazon costs. Users can also enter the product cost for a much more accurate result.

→ Inventory Management

Here you can upload a lead time for the product you wish in order to automatically determine the ideal date for recording every commodity. It lets the users have complete control of the inventory so that you know the time you will be running out of stock depending on the recent velocity of selling. 

In order to successfully prepare the resources, you can keep an overview of the 90-days reorder pipeline with ease. This is because a phone call for positioning the reorder requires capital financially and also for the staff. 


→ The platform is fully compatible with 8 Amazon Markets.

→ It boasts very comprehensive data as well as a knowledge base.

→ Here you get astounding customer support. 

→ Sellics lets its users see sessions as well as conversion rates. 


→ It offers pretty limited Historical Data.

→ There are no tools for user management as well as downloading reports.

→ Even the test users need to sign in to the account.


The platform offers a free trial for 14 days to its users. This lets the users test all the features that are offered by this platform. 

The pricing plans of this platform are as follows:

Annual Sales  Monthly Plan Bi-Annual Plan Annual Plan
$0 $57 NA NA
$1K – $60K $67 $57 $47
$60K – $240K $97 $87 $77
$240K – $600K $157 $137 $117
$600K – $1.2M $217 $187 $157
$1.2M+ $317 $287 $257

Regardless of the level, every level lets you access the key features and also to all the Amazon Markets with unlimited keywords and products. It also offers a mobile application. 

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Wrapping It Up: Sellics Review 2022 – Should You Go for it?

Sellics is a torch-bearer and a leader in the arena of e-commerce data intelligence tools. It is well known for its expertise in Amazon products and Keyword Research. The tool has proved its worth for Amazon sellers because of the plethora of features it possesses, like Amazon PPC Manager, Listing Optimization, Amazon SEO tools, and much more. 

The platform can also manage the reviews on Amazon in an efficient manner which is definitely one of the most vital aspects of Amazon Business. Sellics can outperform the massive work of organizing, responding, and prioritizing the review left by the customer in a matter of a few clicks. 

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