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Saleshandy is a cold email outreach tool predominantly used for sending personalized cold email sequences to turn the cold leads into paying customers.

The tool provides a handful of features like mail merge, auto follow-ups, sequence analysis, A/B testing, and more to make your cold email outreach effective.

Saleshandy is used by individuals and growing teams. And if used correctly can work wonders for large businesses too. Sales reps from Saas, IT services and agencies can make the most of this tool.

SalesHandy Review + SalesHandy Discount Coupon 2022: Should You Really Buy?

Saleshandy Coupon Codes


SalesHandy Review

It basically enables the sales team to reduce the sales cycle time and increase the closure rate which will, in turn, help them to raise better and bigger amounts of revenues. As the name suggests, SalesHandy is built especially for the better working of the sales team. Along with SalesHandy, the sales team can create as well as execute effective and viable marketing strategies. It does so by tracking the sales resources and user insights properly.

SalesHandy is basically a collection tool that collects all the behavioral insights and provides them in a presentable format. SalesHandy makes sure that enterprises achieve and maintains good customer engagements.

Check out SalesHandy Review here in Detailed.

Features of Saleshandy

As per a study, around 65% of total recipients never reply to the emails, which is a huge loss. SalesHandy allows you to convert these losses into sales figures using their most attractive and fascinating feature – Trigger Based Automated follow up. Using automated follow-up emails you can increase response rate up to 10 times.

It allows you to keep all of your conversations on track, it does so even when your recipients are inactive. When you are working with auto follow up feature of SalesHandy, you don’t need to check the campaign results manually. You can rely on the auto follow up feature for that.

  • It basically nurtures your email outreach, maximizing the efficiency.  You can get up to 95% of the email responded just by using this auto follow up feature of SalesHandy.

Email Tracking

Saleshandy review-email trackng

Email Tracking feature of the SalesHandy software notifies you each time the email sent by you is read by the recipient. It even lets you know about the number of times the email has been opened by the recipient. This data will, in turn, help you to track the interest level of the recipient.

SalesHandy Review - Email Tracking Feature

This feature helps you identify the important emails amongst hundreds of emails that you send. It also allows muting the notifications from a particular recipient.

Features of Email Tracking:

  • Email Open Notifications
  • Email Open Rate
  • Track Email Replies
  • Mute Email Notifications
  • Team Email Performance Reports
  • Individual Link Tracking
  • Free Email Tracking Plugin for Gmail

Email Templates

Another feature of this software is the email templates. You can use it by creating HTML templates and then by using it in Gmail. It allows you to use it in Gmail as well as the outlook. It saves up your time by eliminating the need to write a repetitive email.

SalesHandy Review - Email template

By using this feature, you can even share all your templates with your team members just by a click. The email template feature can save your time up to 3 times.

Features Of Email Templates

  • Use in Gmail and Outlook
  • Use in Mail merge campaign
  • Manage templates in folders
  • Create HTML Template
  • Track Templates Performance

Email Scheduling

Another very fascinating feature of SalesHandy is email scheduling. It allows you free unlimited email scheduling through the means of the chrome plugin in Gmail. This one feature eliminates the need to match up the time zones, you no longer have to wait until the time when you need to send a particular mail, just schedule it for a later date and time and SalesHandy will take care of the rest.

SalesHandy Review With Coupon Codes- Features

All you have to do is, select the time, date and the particular time zone in which you wish the email to be sent to the particular client. The timezone feature of the email schedule takes care of this. You can check all your scheduled emails in the “drafts” section as well as the SalesHandy app dashboard.

Features of Email Scheduling:

  • Unlimited Email Scheduling
  • You can schedule the dashboard feeds
  • Just schedule the date, time and preferred time.
  • Email scheduling in Gmail using a time zone
  • Increase the email response rates
  • Easy Email Communications

Document Tracking

The document tracking feature enables you to share the track of all the email attachments/collaterals very quickly. This feature, allows you to track your presentations, documentation pitch desks, sales proposals, marketing materials and sales collateral.

SalesHandy Review- Document Tracking

Features of Document Tracking:

  • Gives Instant Features
  • Can Easily Track Locations
  • Can set the expiration date
  • Document Open Rates
  • Time Spent On the Document
  • Gmail And Outlook Integration
  • Captures the Viewers Details
  • Password Protect Your Documents
  • It has documents management
  • Create and share document folders
  • It also allows downloading

It allows you to create document-links and sets that you can share with prospects. You can share report, word file, PDF, proposal etc and track readers engagement. It allows you to send the documents by adding password protection to them. It protects your documents by preventing unauthorized users from accessing and unnecessarily downloading the document.

Team Reporting

The team reporting feature of the SalesHandy software helps the sales team and makes their working more efficient. All the members of the team can measure the template and the email performances across the entire team. It allows the team to coordinate the entire content efficiently and reduces the mismatch content.

Saleshandy review- reporting

Email Merge Campaign With Auto Follow-Up

Automatic email tracking is closely linked to direct mail campaigns. They come systematically after the main emails as additional activators, depending on the actions of the recipients.

Now that I think about it, I bet you’d like to get a 100% response rate via email. But let’s be honest, such a result is really impossible with a typical recipient base. And this is exactly where e-mail with automatic tracking is provided, giving you more ways to combat it.

In fact, a second chance would fit, a third better, while a fourth might look like an expansion. But, you know what? SalesHandy offers up to nine options.


SalesHandy Review- Email Scheduling

Basically, the system offers up to nine different automatic tracking steps. Each is drafted with its own activation conditions such as “It has been sent”, “Answer to the note” and “Not open”. Together, these tracking steps serve as a fixed funnel for receiver transduction.

Saleshandy Automatic Tracking

The best part about this feature is the automation process. The system responds to any action taken by a receiver based on the specific parameters it has defined. Manages heavy work by focusing on other business transactions.

SalesHandy even places some of the automatic tracking emails in the same thread as the previous posts. Recipients then receive them as well as coordinated responses.

Unfortunately, the system counter does not free such emails from automatically tracking the daily threshold. After checking the limit, the entire campaign is frozen until the email quota is renewed.

However, at the very least it is a good thing that most of his e-mails are sent to the respective recipients. The time gap between two consecutive e-mails protects them from spam filters.

In the event that some do not get to the other side, the SalesHandy Bounce Tracking will help you to identify the relevant emails as well as the corresponding details.

The successfully delivered batch will also be tracked throughout the campaign. The analysis engine generates detailed reports for each step of the automated tracking. You will get to know the exact measures of the recipients in addition to the parties involved.

When random links are added to automatic tracking, the system tracks them one at a time to generate the relevant data in the appropriate clicks. The report not only contains information about the recipients who follow the links, but also the number of clicks.

If you’ve tried this before, you probably know that coordinating a campaign of this size requires a well-structured marketing team. To help you with the administration, the SalesHandy reports also provide the results of the campaign, which is carried out by the respective team members.

Features of Auto Follow-Up:

  • An auto follow-up upto 9 stages
  • Personalize your message
  • Team Campaign Reports
  • It helps in bounce tracking
  • Send Campaign from any email
  • Can also save from the spam filters
  • It can mark the CC or BCC emails
  • It will give state wise reports
  • Exhausted Email Sending Limits
  • Track all of your links in Mail Merge Campaign
  • It can schedule campaigns to send it later

SalesHandy Integrations:

  • Gmail
  • G Suite
  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • Exchange

SalesHandy Outlook FAQs (Latest)


Step 1: Download the Microsoft Outlook Mail Tracking Plugin here.

Step 2: After installing SalesHandy, open the Outlook application and enter your SalesHandy credentials. You must register if you have not created your SalesHandy account.SalesHandy Review- Email Check

Note: You cannot process without the SalesHandy account. If you do not have a SalesHandy account, go to step 3.

Step 3: You can create a SalesHandy account by clicking “Start Free Trial.”


SalesHandy Outlook Email Tracking is very easy to use. Just write your e-mail and follow the instructions below:
At the time of writing your email, click the Email Tracking button (as shown below). When the tracking button turns blue, SalesHandy Outlook will enable your email tracking tool to track your emails.


SalesHandy Review- Email Tracking

SalesHandy follows a simple process to track the details of the email. After sending your email through SalesHandy, our integrated image will be linked to your email. When the recipient reads your e-mail, the embedded image associated with your e-mail is downloaded, and our server sends the IP address. , At this point, you will be notified via the SalesHandy Desktop notification. Get more useful information, such as when, where and with which device your e-mail was opened


Currently, the SalesHandy Outlook add-on is compatible with Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit editions of 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions, and SalesHandy are also compatible with your Office 365 Professional account:

Log in with your Outlook desktop application and go to the File menu.
Click the Office account
And see your version


SalesHandy Review- Ads

Simple steps to activate your SalesHandy Outlook Add-in:
Step 1: Open the File menu and click Options.

Step 2: On the left side of the Manage drop-down menu, click the Modules button, then select SalesHandyEmailTracking, select COM Add-ins below, and click the “OK” button.

Step 3: Check the box next to “SalesHandy Email Tracking,” check or uncheck the box, and click the OK button.


When Outlook provides the read receipt service to users, why do they need the SalesHandy Outlook Read Receipt? Here is a detailed explanation of this process to help you understand why SalesHandy Outlook Read Receipt is better than reading Outlook:
With the Outlook read receipt, users receive a notification when the recipient opens their email. However, you do not know how often the recipient has opened his e-mail. By receiving the SalesHandy Outlook email readers, users receive all the information in their emails, such as email messages, who opened the e-mail, how often and in which e-mail address these e-mails were sent.
With Outlook Read Receipt, users do not benefit from the file/document tracking service, but with SalesHandy they can accurately track all their files/documents.


SalesHandy Review- Export Data

Yes, you can export the e-mail scan report of all e-mails you are tracking. The data includes the number of emails opened and the history of open emails, some clicks on links and the response rate.
You can export individual e-mail data and e-mail campaigns to a CSV file.

Why You Should Use SalesHandy?

Using SalesHandy 2.0 you can ensure an ever-increasing sales graph. It is super easy to use all the available features with the new and updated user interface. You can get to know who are your most engaged prospects and approach them smartly.

Basically, SalesHandy is built to ensure that the business can also achieve and maintain better customer engagement, helping them get more using emails and documents. This system will let you analyze your customer’s behavior, spot trends along with knowing which documents or email templates work, tracking emails and also evaluating the sales performance.

SalesHandy will make working on business opportunities easy and using their advanced email campaign and automated follow-up feature you can easily scale your effort, while always being in the know of what is happening at the other end of your emails.  Lastly, we would like to add that SalesHandy will let you organize your sales teams effortless. The icing on the cake is their 24×7 customer support and success team that ensures that you make the most of this amazing solution always.

Also, check out:

Saleshandy Coupon Code Pricing

SalesHandy Review - Pricing

It is free up to 3 users and charges when users increase in number. It has a free trial and the pricing starts from $9 per month which is the basic plan. Other plans include the SMB plan and the Enterprise plan pricing, $20 and $ 50 per month respectively.

What CEOs Have To Say About SalesHandy

Easy to use. Quite intuitive. Rules based auto-response/ follow up feature as well as the mail merge makes it very simple to use. We ran a campaign and ended up with too many responses. So we had to turn off the auto follow-up responses. So it basically worked too well! Great problem to have, but next time we will send to less people… or space out the campaign more.
Stephen Earl, Managing Director, Acuity Capital
Josías De

This is a really crowded space. Until recently, I’ve been using Yesware (which is amazing), but I wanted to test other cost-effective alternatives for our small Business Development Team. Saleshandy seems to be what we need: a sales tool based on email engagement that help us send 1 to 1 emails, but also create campaigns based on templates, which helps engage with prospects and leads.

Josías De La Espada Sempris,CEO at Sezion
Katherine Henz
A useful software, helped me a lot with email tracking. One can easily send emails and can track email opens and documents without relying on much other small software for installations. It also covers the need for hiring new staff for keeping the insights on the sales.
Katherine Heinz, SEO Specialist

Final verdict: SalesHandy Coupon Code 2022

SalesHandy is one amazing software that allows you to share and track various files and documents. The key feature of this software is the auto follow up feature, which is a new feature and we have already discussed it in the above section of the article.

The auto follow up feature is a unique initiative towards a better and reliable working using the emails, and it is exclusive to the SalesHandy software. It is compatible with almost all web browsers. It has been awarded with the “rising star” award in the year 2016 and with the “great user experience award” 2017.

Multiple features like email tracking, document tracking, team management, email templates, etc. all combine to deliver an amazing experience to all the customers. It is an ideal software if you wish to work in a team and it comes with a very affordable range of pricing.

In my opinion, SalesHandy is one of the top sales software in the market these days. It provides you with three most affordable packages and also a free package to choose from.


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