Rocket.Net Review 2022 : Security, Features and Performance

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The performance of a business website is a key element to its success. Your content won’t be read if your site is slow. Using free hosting or a platform that is not designed specifically for WordPress sites, can be a huge problem.

Core Web Vital is a new algorithm released by Google recently. Google’s ranking of your website is based on various factors such as loading times for LCP (largest content peaceful), FID (first input delay), and CLS (common layout shifting).

In this new Google update, you’ll lose rankings if your three metrics are not fast enough.

If we do not select hosting companies that meet our customers’ needs and deliver them quickly, then it could adversely affect your website’s rankings in future searches.

Many people are tagging’s low-cost WordPress hosting as fast and reliable. To help you get a better understanding of what RocketNet Hosting has to offer for fast WP hosting, we decided to review them.

RocketNet’s prices were the first thing I noticed. They have a wide variety of packages for a variety of different needs- from starter packages that are perfect for people just looking for the basics up to unlimited bandwidth and storage options.

What is

The company made everything possible to make it easy for you to use and manage your website with’s managed WordPress hosting. We utilize a CDN (content delivery network) across 200+ locations worldwide to make fast. Your website will load content as fast as possible for visitors from all over the world.

I have found to be one of the best hosting services, not only because its interface is easy to use for beginners, but also because of the speed and security it offers, plus its many other features that will help your company grow.

When you need VPS, Dedicated or Shared hosting along with their website builder, they specialize only in WordPress hosting. Another option would be DreamHost.

rocketnet - Rocket.Net Review

Who is for hosting is a great fit for a variety of businesses, including those that are primarily concerned with speed and security, as well as eCommerce owners who value both as much as price, since it provides reliable services at an affordable price.

With this provider, you can manage WordPress hosting for agencies that wish to focus on content instead of worrying about maintaining the client’s website. Your server management is handled by’s team as well, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Why Website Speed Is Important?

You do not need me to tell you how important web page speed is if you’re a webmaster.

As for the general public, I want to point out again how important a fast-loading website is to the success of a website.

Today, website speed is a very important factor for websites, something that every webmaster will agree upon.

Slow-loading websites can result in serious consequences for a website, including the following.

  • Rankings decline
  • Users have a poor experience
  • Slow-loading websites are penalized by search engines
  • The reaction time of the server is poor
  • Conversions declined
  • Hence, people will leave your website if your website takes a long time to load.
  • In addition, users are not comfortable making a payment on a slow-loading website.
  • Nowadays, everyone prefers to use their smartphone for browsing the net or for visiting websites, so they expect your website to load within one second. Fast loading websites are therefore very important.

A slow-loading website is mainly caused by choosing the wrong hosting provider.

Slow-loading website servers also have an effect on Core Web Vital, or Speed Performance, which will be an important ranking factor after 2021.

If one wants high rankings in search engines, a good user experience, and better conversions, one should select a very good hosting provider.

Since Google announced Page Experience and Webpage loading speed would be considered a crucial ranking factor from May 2021, it is more important than ever.

Thus, all the risks mentioned above can be avoided by having a fast-loading website. Security, Features and Performance

Control panel

control pannel - Rocket.Net Review hosting’s control panel is well-organized and easy-to-understand from the moment you log in, so everything is clearly labelled for you. Cpanel allows you to update plugins, manage backups, perform site staging, and deploy WordPress sites with just a single click.

I will be able to maintain my website on their server easier since it contains so many features and has an interface geared for beginners (like myself).

CDN (Content Delivery Networks)

cdn - Rocket.Net Review

A Cloudflare enterprise-level service makes it possible to deliver website content quickly and securely from 200+ locations around the globe, ensuring a high-speed, reliable connection for your site’s visitors—without worrying about bandwidth consumption, slow load times, or site downtime.

CDN features:

  • Optimizing images
  • Caching of entire pages
  • Compression by Brotli. The same as GZip
  • Font optimization for Google
  • Web to P conversion automatic

cdn features - Rocket.Net Review

You will be able to use all of the features of CDN to accelerate your site’s load time without having to install plugins to optimize your speed or hire an expensive web developer. Furthermore, it improves SEO optimization based on Core Web Vitals, a new rank-influencing algorithm for Google. If your website loads faster on Google, you will rank higher. About which I previously spoke.


The Firewalls system provides your WordPress website live 24/7/365 protection from brute force attacks, SQL injections, weak passwords, and other security features that make your WordPress website safe. Security plugins from third-parties are not necessary for your site.

Free Site Backups

Using the version control feature, you can also recover your site in less than an hour if something goes wrong or your site becomes corrupted.

The website operates in a secure environment and is protected from hackers and spammers thanks to a wide range of security features.

Automatic Updates

The control panel includes an automatic update mode that automatically monitors your website and keeps everything updated, including core WordPress updates, plugin updates, or theme updates.

Automatic Updates - Rocket.Net Review

Advanced Security

WordPress itself is hard to hack, but if you don’t take the proper precautions, your website will be more likely targeted if hackers use advanced techniques.

With, you can be confident that your site is being hosted. By identifying and blocking malicious threats, it automatically protects your computer. Additionally, they continuously patch and update WordPress to remove any security vulnerabilities.

Malware Protection: utilizes Imunify360 to continuously scan and patch every WordPress installation on its platform. 

Infected sites can be moved over without causing any problems. If your site was infected with malware, will automatically remove it after migration. Isn’t that something? All WordPress installations come with it for free

Malware Protection

Auto-Backups: With, backups are fully automated, and you can restore your site with a single click. Besides that, they protect you from SQL injection errors, PHP attacks, and DDoS attacks.

Free SSL certificate: A SSL certificate is now required for all websites. As well, Google prefers SSL-encrypted sites over sites without them.

Third parties cannot access sensitive information with an SSL certificate. Each plan comes with a free SSL certificate from Customer Support Customer Support

A live chat facility is available at all times for customers who have questions or concerns about their account or product.

Customers can reach them by phone, email, or chat for 24/7 support to help them solve problems.

Is Web Hosting Is Only Responsible For Site Speed?

It’s not just a web hosting provider that determines the speed of your site. Among other things, image size and installed themes/plugins can affect how quickly your website loads. It makes all the difference when it comes to loading time to choose a lightweight WordPress theme without needlessly added plugins.

Site Speed Pricing & Plans


With, you can host your WordPress blog for only $30 per month with up to 250,000 visits and 10GB of storage. Secure browsing is also included as a standard feature, protecting your site against hacking attempts. also provides a CDN with 200+ global locations for fast connections, making browsing your websites more efficient.

Pros And Cons Of Managed WordPress Hosting

Pros of

✅ Owned by an independent company, not by EIG

✅ SSD servers are fast and reliable

✅ 200+ PoPs with FREE CDN

✅ For customer service, you can chat online, call, and email

✅ Their WordPress optimization and tweaking experts will handle all technical details so that you do not have to.

✅ Resources guaranteed for enterprise servers

✅ Located in 200+ countries worldwide

✅ Managed WordPress hosting service is powered by Edge Cloud for the fastest performance

✅ Features Designed for Enterprises

✅ Host WordPress websites with a WordPress optimized stack

Cons of

❌ For beginners, very expensive

❌ Doesn’t offer email hosting

❌ Not able to register domains

❌ Plugins are automatically installed

❌ It would be great if they worked on the knowledge base articles

Do We Recommend for WordPress Sites?


For a website that requires fast speeds and the best security, is the right choice (its starter plan only costs $30 per month).

Why Does Cost Significantly More Than Other Web Hosts Such As Bluehost And Siteground?

To begin with. Hosting services for WordPress are offered by

Currently, Bluehost, Siteground and Hostgator are offering cheaper plans because they host on shared servers. Shared hosting means sharing your resources with other users (bandwidth, disk space, etc.).

In managed WordPress hosting, fewer users share the resources, which leads to improved performance and speed and little to no downtime.

Managed WordPress hosting has many other advantages.

  • Hosting plans optimized for WordPress
  • Support for customers that is exceptional
  • Backing up automatically
  • Loads quickly and performs well
  • Ensure that your security is robust

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Conclusion | Rocket.Net Review 2022

There seems to be no shortage of web hosting companies today boasting about their fastest service. The problem with these companies, however, is that they promise you a lot of goods that you can’t have or will not be delivered to your specifications. As promised, Rocket Net’s website speeds are faster than those of its competitors.

When you migrate to their services, you’ll notice an improvement right away because you’ll be one step closer to obtaining the exact hosting services you desire.

Those wanting their WordPress website to be simple and fast with a control panel that is easy to navigate will find’s managed WordPress hosting to be ideal. They have highly optimized servers that ensure that sites load quickly. There are also automatic security updates, so you don’t have to constantly monitor your site.

Let Rocket handle it for you! Are you having trouble figuring out how to use WordPress? You can communicate with their support team anytime, day or night, 24 hours a day.

The control panel is tailored specifically to WordPress websites, resulting in a fast website. For business owners who appreciate enhanced security and automatic updates, as well as knowledgeable support when needed, they are a perfect choice.

Managed hosting provided by comes at an affordable price. Cheaper alternatives exist, but few have the same level of quality as is most definitely a viable option if you are a WordPress user with a small budget. Furthermore, it keeps your data secure, automatically updates, and provides knowledgeable support.

FAQs | Rocket.Net Review

🤷‍♂️What is the purpose of

RocketNet was exclusively designed for hosting WordPress sites. Site builder features aren't available.

⁉️Is WP Rocket plugin still needed?

Using wp rocket is optional since Rocket Net has already provided powerful CDN(content delivery network) as well as automated compression, auto image optimization, and more tools that are good on their own, but together deliver a powerful package for a faster website.

🌎Does WP rocket CDN have a worldwide presence?

Yes, WP rocket CDN provides faster content delivery worldwide.

💱What is the refund policy for Rocket Net?

If you are not happy with the product will give you a refund within 30 days.

📁Does have an alternative? offers the fastest WordPress hosting service, with features that make it a high-quality company. In addition to host's remarkable loading speeds and CDN's located in 200+ countries, it offers Botlin compression technology for an even faster load time on your website. Moreover, they offer image optimization as well. Alternatives to include DreamHost, Kinsta, and WPX.

🔎What is offers managed cloud hosting services for a variety of websites of all sizes and types.

💰Is there any discount for

The launch offer is $1 for the first month at the moment. Thus, your first month will only cost you $1. A annual subscription includes 2 months FREE hosting.

💵Does have any money-back guarantee?'s money back guarantee lasts for 30 days, no questions asked. This means you will be able to request a refund within 30 days of your purchase if you aren't satisfied with it.

👉Do I recommend Managed WordPress hosting?

Yes, without a doubt. offers one of the fastest Managed WordPress Hosting servers in the market, so paying for it is worth it. According to my review above, I host one of my projects from and I was impressed with the performance and reliability of the hosting service, which maintained 99.99% uptime and small response times of up to 66ms.

📌What is the need for premium managed WordPress hosting?

Your WordPress website is managed by premium WordPress hosting companies. Hosting companies handle the management, updates, security, and make sure your site loads as quickly as possible so that you can focus on other important things, such as growing and marketing your site. If you want to save your energy and focus it on growing your business, switching to a managed WordPress hosting service like is always a good idea.

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