Publisher Rocket Review 2022 Is It Worth the Investment?

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If you want to sell lots of books on Amazon, you have to do a few things. You need to find the right keywords and categories for your book, as well as find out what other people are selling. Then Dave Chesson helped make a software called Publisher Rocket that will do everything for you. It is very valuable and it will help boost your book earnings, save time on research data, and help with your author career.

Before we read this post, let me explain some terms. KDP is a publishing tool for Amazon. With KDP, you can publish your book for free as an ebook or a physical book.

ABSR stands for Amazon Bestseller Ranking and is the ranking of the books according to their sales in that category. For example, ABSR #1 means that it’s the top selling book in that category.

Age refers to how long the book has been published on Amazon and is important when looking at competition analyzer because if it’s old, it may not be popular anymore and people have stopped reading it so they won’t buy from you.

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Amazon Book Ads Made Easy

Several years ago, authors had to do research by themselves. They spend hours just doing keyword research. But now there is a feature in Publisher Rocket that eliminates all of that work. If you are familiar with Amazon Ads, then you know your book needs hundreds of keywords to be effective. Setting up a successful ad campaign takes work, time and yes, money. The ads can get expensive if you just set it up and let it go.

Sneak Peek: New Upgrades Coming Soon for Publisher Rocket

As this post is being written, there are several new features coming soon. These upgrades will be free and they will make Publisher Rocket even better.

Audible Information Analyzed. Yes, we know Publisher Rocket can pull data for eBooks and books now. But how about a feature that includes audiobooks? This is coming soon.

Does publisher rocket really work?

Yes, I recommend Publisher Rocket. It helps you get your book to readers. It can help you double or triple the sales of your books and make them bestselling books too!

Is KDP rocket worth?

This is a tool that helps you sell more books. It costs money, but it can help.

Publisher Rocket will help you to sell more books. You can sell a lot more books and earn more than your regular job once you use this tool. Many authors have said that they have started earning 3x more with Rocket. If Rocket stops you from going crazy because it takes 10 hours to figure out what categories and keywords are relevant on Amazon, then the money is worth it. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Publisher Rocket gives you a free upgrade for life. When you buy the software, it is not like other software that needs to be paid more money every 6 months. You get a free upgrade for life and nothing else needs to be done.

The Rocket software will update three times a day, so you do not need to worry about keeping up with the complex data. It will do the work for you while you focus on your book business.

You can get better at writing a book with this tool. You will learn about how to write books people want. This will help you be successful when you self-publish and make money in your job. You can also see what the competition is doing to stay ahead of them and get your book out there first for readers.

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The Ongoing Changes in Self-Publishing

The self publishing industry changes a lot. Sometimes, things change from day to day. Every month, and even every day, the data can change too. Amazon algorithms change and so does metadata for books. Readers search for favorite books in different ways now than they used to before. As an author, you need to keep up with these changes or else you will lose sales and people who like your book will stop reading it all together because they cannot find it anymore!


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