How To Watch Superbowl Online

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Do you eagerly wait to watch super bowl live stream every year??

How do you manage when your TV connection defies to connect on the day of super bowl streaming??? alas, I can imagine your face! Such situations can occur with anyone including you.

And being a super bowl fan, even the thought of missing out the game can terrify your nerves. If you don’t have a TV, the cable connection is not there on the day of live streaming of super bowl, and you are not lucky enough to have the live passes of the game, the only option can make you watch the biggest event of the year is watching it online.

That’s the situation where our guide comes out really ingenious. If you are completely clueless about how to watch superbowl online, don’t panic, we will guide you through the steps.

Let’s figure out what are the different ways to watch superbowl online on the different devices like Android, tablet, laptop, mac and set-top boxes.

How To Watch Superbowl Online

Different device holders need to follow different methods to watch the Superbowl game online. You can follow the specific method as per your device. Let’s start our tutorial with the most famous gadget i.e smartphones.


Smartphones are extremely powerful gadgets as it’s on every next person’s hand. No matter you are at home or office, smartphones are something you always keep it along with you. I know you desperately want to know the ways to watch the super bowl on smartphones.

But we have got a bad new for you! You can’t watch super bowl online on your smartphone until you are a Verizon Wireless subscriber. Yes, you heard me correct. Only Verizon wireless customer have the opportunity to watch the super bowl online.

The Verizon has an exclusive deal with NFL for being the only super bowl live stream provider. So if you are a Verizon wireless customer, you can watch the super bowl on your smartphone by downloading the Go90 or NFL Mobile app for both android and IOS.

Both these apps won’t cost you anything but data pack charges are applicable while watching the match on Verizon wireless. If you want to watch the super bowl game online and don’t have a Verizon wireless subscription, take one now.

#Laptop or Computer:

The laptop and computer users have a great choice to watch the super bowl live stream online for free. Neither they need to have a specific app, nor any kind of paid subscription.

If you are a laptop or computer user and have an internet connection you are good to go, you don’t need to miss the game in any situation. Just visit the official website of CBS i.e and watch the sport streaming live.

How To Watch Superbowl Online

The CBS sports have taken the charge to broadcast the super bowl live streaming with no additional charges. The live streaming of super bowl can be viewed from any device having an internet browser and an active internet connection. You can watch live streaming of superbowl on CBS Sports live, on any device  including smartphones, laptops, and android.

#Setup boxes:

You have a beautiful large TV set and you are strictly a super bowl fan, have a deep urge to watch the live streaming but you don’t have a cable or an antenna connection on your TV!!

Even the imagination of this situation can give you goose bumps. No matter if you have Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku box, or Google chrome cast, you can always watch the Super bowl live streaming by simply downloading the CBS Sports app.

The app may vary depending upon the device you are using. You can get the appropriate app on the official website of CBS Sports. Just download and install the app on your TV and enjoy watching super bowl live streaming on the big screen.

#iPad and Tablet:

Apart from smartphones, the other preferred devices to watch super bowl live streaming is iPad and tablet. Thankfully, there is no any constraint on iPad or tablet users to be a Verizon wireless subscribers.

The iPad and tablet users can catch up the super bowl live streaming by simply downloading and installing the CBS Sports app for android and ios. The app is completely free and won’t cost you anything.

Other than the app, you can watch this biggest streaming on the CSB Sports website which I’ve already mentioned.

#Windows 10:

Regardless of what version of windows you have, you can always watch the live streaming of Superbowl on CBS Sports official website. But, windows 10 users have an additional benefit of using CBS Sports app specifically designed for windows 10.

In case your browser has refused to work on the live streaming day, you still have the opportunity to catch up the game on CBS Sports app, which is a good thing. While other windows users, in such case,  have to compromise watching the game.

#Out side the US:

If you are a super bowl lover and you have to visit out of US for some reasons, then things might get messy to you! Outsiders sadly have no options to watch super bowl live streaming online free.

Certainly, you have to pay some bucks and have to subscribe to NFL GamePass to watch the match online. Or if you are a sky customer, you still have a chance to watch super bowl live online via sky Go app.

Another option which you might like is catching up the game on  BBC sports channel as they stream the super bowl game online. If you have this sports channel coming on your TV, you are lucky enough.

So, that’s all for the guide. We have tried to cover all the possible devices you can use to watch the Superbowl online. If you have any doubt regarding any step on how to watch superbowl online,  mentioned in the comment below.

Also, If we have missed out any other way or app to watch this super game of the year, don’t forget to mention that too!


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