How To See Your Spotify Wrapped? Easy Steps

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Spotify, a music streaming service that originated in Sweden, enjoys ever-increasing popularity with each passing year. It is no surprise that he holds a prominent position in the international music industry.

At the end of 2021, it was reported that the service had over 155 million paid customers and approximately 400 million monthly active users.

Spotify is packed with features that are both interesting and easy to use. Innovations that are persistently put into practice help contribute to the ever-increasing popularity of the service all around the world.

Among these is the tool known as Spotify Wrapped, which provides the user with the ability to do specific analyses on the musical content that they have listened to throughout the course of the year.


The feature is already accessible to all users and can be accessed through the respective applications for Android and iPhone (iOS). This year will see the introduction of new features, one of which is a game called My 2021: The Soundtrack. In this game, you utilise music to construct scenes from the movie of your life.

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The app, available for either Android or iOS, is the only way to view the retrospective. Wrapped by Spotify is unfortunately not available to view on desktop browsers at this time.

spotify home screen

It will only take you five minutes and a few steps to create a retrospective of the music that you have listened to over the course of the previous year:

  1. Navigate to the home screen of the Spotify app. The Spotify Wrapped widget will be accessible from the app’s home screen (house icon). Below the list of recently played games, you’ll see a sizable map display on this screen. If nothing shows up, check that the app has the most recent update.
  2. To view your Wrapped, select a card and click on it. As soon as you go inside the 2021 retrospective, a string of stories that are somewhat analogous to Instagram Stories will begin playing one after the other. By pressing and holding the screen at any time during playback, you can pause the video.
  3. Chat with your friends on social networks and enjoy the convenience of Spotify Wrapped. As a result, below each flashback narrative, you’ll notice a button labeled “Share this story,” which enables you to publish the story on social networking sites or save an image from the gallery. Wrapped comes to a close with Spotify listing all of the flashback moments from the various presentations that can be shared.

In addition to the most popular artists, genres, songs, and podcasts, Wrapped-2021 also features a variety of other categories. This is the situation with the collection known as 2021: The Movie.

This grouping, according to the firm that is responsible for the platform, mixes the top songs in the profile with the most iconic scenes from the movie about the individual. There is also a category known as the Spotify Wrapped widget.

You can access this feature by going to the main screen of the app and selecting the option that says Your 2021 Retrospective Has Arrived.

When a user clicks on the button, they will be taken to a screen that contains stories that display data acquired by Spotify, such as the number of minutes played, their preferred artists, and more.

Those that generate podcasts, as well as musicians, might benefit tremendously from utilizing this function.

Through their own unique Wrapped experiences, users that fall into these categories have the ability to look into everything that their fans have heard over the course of this last year.

They will not only be able to comprehend the most popular genres of modern music and other content, but they will also be able to adapt their work to the needs that are now being demanded by the audience of the Swedish music streaming service.

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