How to Increase Battery Life of your Android? [Part-1]

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Android is a popular platform today. There are plenty of app developers as there are plenty of Device developers. An everyday number of Android apps hit the Google Play and every year numbers of devices based on Android OS launched by various developers.

So, consequences are pretty predictable, people will download more and more apps, games and software are for their droid. So the average time a single person passes with his/her droid will also increase. And that thing is inversely proportional to the battery life of the device.

But there are certain ways by following which you can enhance the battery performance of your droid. Here we have described certain ways “How to Increase Battery Life of your Android?”

1. Use your Wi-fi wisely:

  • In this Android era, you will have two sides of every utility. Wi-fi is no exception.
  • It is advisable to turn off your Wi-fi when it is not required by you. If you constantly put your Wi-fi turn on then it will always try to grab every connection available nearby and that will waste the power of the battery.
  • It does not mean that you completely detach yourself from using Wi-fi on your device. If you are a fan of cloud services or Video podcasting then you must use these services with your Wi-fi. As uploading and synchronization with other data transfer method will take a longer time and it will also cost you more in regard to battery power.

2. Freeze/Uninstall unnecessary Apps:

  • There are plenty of apps that keep running in the background. And you will never know about these if you don’t have any hibernating apps (e.g. Greenify).
  • It is advisable to uninstall such apps or use the hibernating apps such as mentioned above.

3. Don’t Display your droid “Brighter”:

  • Your display can eat out many of the battery of your device.
  • You can set minimum brightness for the display by using a setting option.
  • You can also install brightness high/low toggle widget on the home screen of your device. So that you have manual control over the brightness of the device and you can use it according to your needs.

4. Keep your GPS off:

  • We know that our learned users are a big fan of social media and some of you will also like to tell the world about the present location. But if you are more concerned about the battery life your Android you must not keep your Android’s GPS on constantly.
  • You can use it if you can’t resist being social, just when you need it.

So, here is a part-1 of our series that will keep updating you with more similar tricks “How to Increase Battery Life of Your Android?” Stay tuned with us for the next part of the series. We will be with you tomorrow having more updates.


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