How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone

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iPhone is one of the best smartphones that we have in the present times. It was launched in the market by Apple Inc, an American Multinational Company, which is headquartered in Cupertino, California. Apple is primarily a technology company, which designs, develops and sells consumer electronics like computers, handheld devices (Smartphones, Ipod, Ipads and Mac books) and also provides online services.

This phone uses an operating system called iOS; this is what makes the device very unique when compared to the other smartphone devices like a Samsung or a Nokia. New iPhone users get several doubts like how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone and how to reboot it when they first use this Apple gadget. However, things get easier down the lane.

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iOS is an operating system, which was introduced by Apple for all its handheld devices. The manufacturer always sells its own smartphones and other handheld devices to its consumers. iPhone is a smartphone manufactured by Apple; there are also other handheld devices like iPad and iPod manufactured by Apple.


Thousands or even millions of people love an iOS device despite its pricing because of its performance; iOS devices are highly user-friendly and really compact. It has excellent User Interface, and it is extremely responsive. You can get an amazing gaming experience with an iOS device.

Iphone can be used for both personal as well as business purposes; there are some really useful business apps in the app store. It is, by all means, a perfect smartphone. iPhone also comes with some interesting pre-installed apps for the all the music lovers; the incredible quality of video and camera is something worth mentioning. The data can be synced easily to your personal computer via iTunes, which is an exclusive tool to sync and back up your iOS devices.

By syncing your phone via iTunes, you can save all your important information like your contacts, some important apps and all the other data that is stored on your phone. The device can be either be synced using Wi-Fi or by using the phone’s mobile data; however, it is better to use Wi-Fi as the internet speed will be much higher.

Apple has millions of customers worldwide; it is very popular globally because of the quality of products Apple sells. Steve Jobs, the man behind Iphone, is considered as one of the best businessmen the world has seen.

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He has a major role to play in the growth of Apple. Apple provides a countless number of mobile applications for its customers; all these apps can be found in the app store that comes pre-installed in all the devices manufactured by the company.

The customers are allowed to download any number of apps from the app store; there are a lot of categories to choose from ranging from health apps and entertainment apps to gaming apps and business apps. To be precise, customers have access to almost everything in their mobile device.

Most of these apps are available for free, while there are also many apps that are priced and can be purchased at a nominal rate as they are paid apps. Iphone has many versions, and it has been a hit since the Iphone 3G came into the market. After that, each version has gotten better than the previous ones regarding the features and usability.


Iphone is completely customizable, and this is one of the most interesting things about it. The apps can be moved, closed or even deleted without any problem. The default settings can be completely changed as per your preference, and you can customize the phone exactly the way you want it to be. That is why Apple continues to remain a favorite choice among millions of people worldwide.

Some years ago, Apple came up with a feature called “Siri” in all the iphone models starting from the version 4s. It is termed as an intelligent assistant feature that enables iphone users to speak natural language voice commands for operating the mobile device and its apps. This is an innovative piece of work that no other mobile manufacturer had managed to do before Apple. They are the best innovators as well.

In spite of Iphone being such a user-friendly phone, there are many users who have found it difficult to use various features of this phone. There have been a lot of forums and other online platforms where people have raised a few concerns regarding the characteristics of the phone. One common question that is seen on these platforms is how to delete multiple contacts on iphone.

How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone – A Guide For All iPhone Users


Over the years, if there has been one app that has not changed much since the release of the first generation iPhone, it is the Contacts app. But still, users get doubts about how to delete a contact on iphone even if it’s the oldest app.

If you are thinking how to delete contacts on iphone at the same time on, then do not waste your time looking for such a feature in your iphone Contacts app, as it will not let you do that. At the maximum, you can delete one contact at a time; however, you will not be able to delete several contact numbers at once.

If you want to know how to mass delete contacts on iPhone, you have to first download an app from the App Store. It is called Smart Merge that offers many options, which include the ability to delete multiple contacts in one shot.

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Here are the steps for how to delete contacts from iPhone

  • Download and install Smart Merge app from the App Store. This is a free version; however, you can go for a paid version to avail more features.
  • Launch Smart Merge app, then go to All Contacts tab and tap on the Edit icon.
  • Now you will have to select all the contacts that you would like to delete; once you have selected, you can tap on the Trash icon, which will be displayed at the lower right corner.
  • Confirm that you want to delete the selected list of contacts by tapping Delete. You no more have to ponder over how to delete iPhone contacts.

That is it! It is that simple to delete multiple contacts. iPhone usage can become much easier with guides like this. Though Apple does not have a default feature to delete all contacts, iPhone has some amazing apps available on the app store that will allow you to do so. You just need to spend some time searching for how to delete contacts from iPhone online.


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