AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout- Which is Best?

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Selling your services or products on Amazon isn’t always simpler in this competitive international. There are loads of sellers who sell their products on Amazon, so how will you rank your product on No. 1?

We have listed two tools that assist you to sell your merchandise without problems on Amazon and earn large earnings i.E., Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker.

Let’s see every of its capabilities, deserves, and demerits.

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout Overview

Jungle Scout is thought to be the first-rate and specific device for keyword research on Amazon.

This device lets you find the pinnacle most ranked products, compare, and estimate your income and analyze them. It suggests all the goods in an effort to be the maximum cash-making and simplest to amplify your commercial enterprise with.

Using Jungle Scout is a super option for sellers and buyers to effortlessly make choices and ensure that each one your products are those which are succeeding.

The essential cause of Jungle Scout Success is: They need to keep a while and giving you fulfillment in the goods long term for the growth of your enterprise.

AMZ Tracker Overview

AMZ stands for Amazon.

AMZ Tracker saves your parcel of time and enables you in elevating your product standards and so its ratings compared in your competition within the market.

Using Amz Tracker, Amazon sellers can promote their products at discounted expenses and boom their income.

This device sees how your key phrases are appearing every day. The device additionally indicates a without a doubt helpful chart so that you can see how your rank is converting over the years.

Spend maximum of the time on key-word studies due to the fact keywords play an essential role in list your merchandise on Amazon.

Use AMZ Tracker to track the rank of your listing for those key phrases.

Few Comparisons among AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout

Authenticity and Accuracy of Data

Jungle Scout

Up so far and accurate information permit you to in making accurate decisions and can prevent losing cash on useless techniques, enhance purchaser delight.

Jungle Scout affords extra accurate and reliable statistics. The information is based on inventory available, sales history, product records, product ratings, competitors’ information. It affords accurate pricing records of the products to be had to the competitors.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker does no longer offer correct records on pricing records, product history, sales history. It is handiest useful in presenting long-tail keywords to listing the product at the internet site. AMZ Tracker’s data turned discovered to be very inaccurate and beside the point.

And even AMZ Tracker does now not hold on updating its facts from time to time for its users.


Data accuracy is the hidden pillar of the digital corporation. In terms of accuracy, Jungle Scout is better at providing correct and dependable information which makes customers and dealers in making decisions because cleansed information can generate a business price.

Pros and Cons: Amz Tracker vs Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout

  • Accuracy of facts and reliability is extra inside the Jungle Scout tool.
  • It additionally offers complete schooling and training assets to new marketers.
  • Excellent Customer carrier.
  • It continues on updating its features occasionally.
  • Jungle Scout offers a characteristic of income analytics that helps you to keep song of your sales.
  • Jungle Scout is advanced in phrases of a product seek and it provides higher historic and excellent data in its better pricing plans.
  • Clear pricing details.
  • Provide properly studies analytics

AMZ Tracker

AMZtracker has an superb key-word index checker device gift to help its users.
It lets in you to customise your outside landing pages.
AMZ Tracker has a unique advantage over Jungle Scout that it recommends a deep words characteristic which can validate you to locate long phrases and keywords for the listing of your product.
AMZ Tracker is considered as the fine tool for small entrepreneurs.
It has gear for PPC Automation.
Amz Tracker permits its customers to identify new merchandise and markets to discover within their area of interest.
Unparalleled URL function.


Jungle Scout

  • Jungle Scout does no longer allows its users to download all the list evaluations.
  • Customization features are not supplied.
  • Jungle Scout extension cannot be used on a cell device. It works more correctly on a laptop than on a cell device.
  • Its software isn’t consumer pleasant and is intricately designed for a brand new user.
  • Jungle Scout has better pricing units for its customers.

AMZ Tracker

  • Amz Tracker has less reliability.
  • It does no longer offer complete schooling support to its users like Jungle Scout.
  • Amz Tracker does not offer an efficient customer service device.
  • Its capabilities are best beneficial when an enterprise is starting off, no longer always inside the long run.
  • The Dashboard of Amz Tracker isn’t always consumer-friendly. It is a piece puzzling and complicated for new users.
  • AMZ Tracker does no longer provide a Global dealer database to its users
  • Not have a deep and prolonged product and competition’ product approach.
  • Marketplaces are very few in AMZ Tracker.

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