How to Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10

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Microsoft has succeeded in creating a huge buzz around their new operating system, Windows 10. You might have already upgraded to it. Or else you may be waiting your turn patiently to get your hands on the update!

The biggest step from Microsoft is that Windows 10 is a free upgrade. Even, pirated versions of Windows have received it as a free upgrade.

Anyway, I hope that you were lucky enough to get Windows 10 installed on your computer. So here, I am explaining how you can turn on Bluetooth in the latest iteration of Windows. Before we get to that, though, let me just tell you about some of the unique features that Windows 10 has up its sleeve.

Features of Windows 10


#1. Cortana: – Do you know Siri? It is a built-in intelligent assistant for iOS. Cortana is a similar type of app not only available for Windows Phone platform, but also for PC.

#2. Edge: – Gone is the old and hardly used Internet Explorer. Edge is Microsoft’s new browser, and boy is it slick!

#3. The Return of Start Menu: – Start menu has made a comeback with Windows 10.

#4. Virtual Desktop: – You can operate multiple desktops even with a single monitor setup! Windows 10 offers the virtual desktop facility for that.

#5. Windowed System Apps: – Some of Windows’s default apps can’t be run in windowed mode on Windows 8. But no such worries with Windows 10. You can run inbuilt apps in windowed mode.

There are a lot more to explore, so go ahead have fun with your new operating system! You can even connect two laptops wirelessly. Here are steps to connect two laptops wirelessly.

Now to the subject at hand!

Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10


Every laptop has Bluetooth connectivity option nowadays. But, you will need an external adapter for most PCs. Bluetooth needs no introduction. Ever since its inception, Bluetooth has made file transfers between two supported devices a breeze.

I don’t really mean that you can send a 1 GB file in a matter of seconds. But at its time of arrival, Bluetooth was one of the best data transfer methods readily available to the public!

The intrusion of Wi- Fi into our life never influenced the popularity of Bluetooth. If you want to transfer a file from an old model mobile, there will be no other solution than Bluetooth. That’s why mobile manufacturers keep on including that feature unlike infrared.

You can proceed with the following methods to turn on Bluetooth for your laptop as well as PC. Before going to it, check whether you have the requirements or not.

There are a lot of Windows 10 updates that keep on coming again and again. Although they are legit Windows updates if you are not interested in latest updates, you can disable Windows 10 updates.


#1. A PC or Laptop with Windows 10 installed (I am explaining the method for Windows 10 only).

#2. For Laptop, make sure that it comes with Bluetooth support. In the case of no- Bluetooth PCs and laptops, plug in an external adaptor (cheaply available).

#3. Don’t forget to install compatible drivers.

Steps to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10

Before you dive into how to turn on Bluetooth,  make sure that you have all the above requirements.

#1. There is a settings option in Windows 10. You can open it via many methods. The easier way is pressing Win key + I simultaneously. Or you can also find settings in the Start menu.

If you want a change, use the Search the web and Windows box. Type settings there and press enter.

#2. Now, that you have opened the Settings window. The next thing is choosing Devices. Most probably, this option lies secondly on the Settings window.



#3. You will get another window like the image given below. Almost, six options are there in the left panel such as Printers& Scanners, Connected devices, etc.


#4. We have to select the third option, Bluetooth. Here, you can see all the options to control your Bluetooth adapter on the computer.

#5. Check out the first option. If your Bluetooth adapter is not active, you will see Off under Bluetooth. Click on the small bar beside it. That’s all. Bluetooth for computer becomes active.

#6. After that, you can see visible devices under Bluetooth option. Select and click on one to get paired. You will be asked to match passcodes. Click on Yes.

Then, you can start transferring files both ways between your computer and phone or what gadget you will be connecting.

It is as simple as that. I think you will not disturb Google with ‘How to Turn On Bluetooth on Windows 10’ anymore.

Haven’t You Turned on Bluetooth Yet?

I have given you some easy to do steps to turn on Bluetooth on your Windows 10 computer. As you can see, it is not a tough row to hoe.

If you face any issue in turning on Bluetooth, make sure that you have correctly installed the drivers, and your system does support Bluetooth.

You may find it difficult to see your device name on the computer. In such a scenario, just check the visibility setting of the phone. Most probably, you haven’t made the device visible to all.

Just in case if your windows computer is getting slow, you can easily boost the Windows 10 speed using simple hacks. Here is how to make Windows 10 faster.

Or if you face any other issues regarding the same, do shoot a comment using the comment box below this post. Don’t forget to share this with your buddies.


11 thoughts on “How to Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10”

  1. After the Win 10 upgrade, the Bluetooth option is no linger available. I have gone through the steps outlined in your tutorial (and many others as well) and the option is not even listed. I upgraded to Win 10 from Win 7, where the Bluetooth worked flawlessly. Please help.

    • Hi, this can be sometimes caused by you not having the correct Bluetooth drivers for your laptop. Please make sure you have the most current and up-to-date drivers for your laptop so that the Bluetooth module can work flawlessly.

  2. i didnt have the bluetooth option in action center until this update. now that it is there i still cant do any thing with it.i dont have the bluetooth option in my devices so what should i do

  3. HELP!….I changed my laptop over to Win 10 months ago…but for some reason, I can’t find my Bluetooth ANYWHERE….my laptop is Bluetooth ready….but I can’t seem to find it….been trying for 3 days…please help me…

  4. There is no Bluetooth in the list. How do I get Bluetooth in the list? You said make sure you have the correct Bluetooth drivers, but you forgot to say how you do that?

    • Check your device manufacturer’s website and under Drivers for Windows 10, you should find drivers for Bluetooth, Wifi and Ethernet. Sometimes they are categorised together as Networking, sometimes you have them as two packs of Wired and Wireless Drivers and other times they are there as individual drivers. We didn’t include links or instructions because there are so many ways that different companies choose to package their drivers.

  5. My drivers are up to date, but there still is no Bluetooth Option in the Devices list in Windows 10. If you could help, I would appreciate it!

  6. I had this problem. Go to Connected devices then Device Manager and click on the Bluetooth symbol. Update Bluetooth software and it comes straight on and back on the settings menu! Yay!


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