100 Proxy Sites to Unblock Any Website Anywhere

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How many times have you been surfing the internet and have come across a website denying you access to its content?

We, here at Expert Hoot believe in a free Internet. An Internet where everyone has access to everything that is made publicly viewable.

But in various countries, the Government tries to censor the Internet. Add to that the fact that sometimes corporations make their content unavailable to a certain region just for petty profits.

Sometimes, it isn’t just about censorship; it’s about being denied basic rights of privacy. If you feel like no social media site, or search giant deserves to know what sites you visit and what you search for, then you’ve come to the right place.

In a bid for a more open and easily accessible Internet, we bring to you today proxy sites.

They open up all the locked doors while making you anonymous and free to surf the internet without having pesky ad cookies bugging you around.

What are Proxy Sites?

In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers

This is the definition we get from Wikipedia! But let’s keep the technical jargon aside and delve a little more into a hands-on approach at what actually are proxy websites and how they can help us out!

Well, proxy sites are essentially gateways to anonymous surfing of the web as well as getting your paws on content that has someone doesn’t want you to get.

There are two ways of doing this, web-based proxy and client software-based VPN. Today we are going to take a look at a few such proxy websites. You can also consider a premium proxy provider like ProxyEmpire if you want to grow your business.

Why Choose Proxy Websites Over a Downloadable Client?

While many of us prefer the simplicity of having one-click software that will allow us to visit unblocked sites, the luxury of downloading and installing software is not available for many of us.

So suppose you’re stuck in the office, and the office network admin doesn’t let you visit Facebook, or the school computer that you received doesn’t allow you to visit certain sites. What do you do then?

That’s where unblocked proxy sites come in handy! You can visit any one of them, and boom get access to your desired content! How would you like to do that?

You’d love that right? Then what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right into the list! We have a list of the best proxy websites right here just for you!

100 Best Proxy Websites

#1. HideMyAss

This one is fast and reliable and a personal favorite!

#2. Proxify

It can cloak your location to any of the 1300 locations available.

#3. AnonyMouse

#4. AnonyMizer

If anonymity and security are a prime concern, these two websites are the best there is!

#5. kProxy

This one works with social media sites like Facebook!

#6. BlewPass

#7. Zfreez

#8. Vobas

These proxies have high speeds along with secure connections.

#9. Ninja Clock

This is one of the proxy sites that makes you invisible.

#10. Don’t Filter

One of the proxies that believe in the freedom of the Internet.

#11. Vtunnel

It offers advanced SSL connection so that your precious data stay safe always!

#12. proxy.org

It provides various tools and rules that’ll help you traverse the web safely and get you anywhere you wish

#13. New Ip Now

It hides your IP from prying eyes that want to know your private information.

#14. Webproxy

#15. 4everproxy

Another proxy that offers SSL encryption along with high bandwidth.

#16. Unblock My Web

It unlocks access to all sorts of websites!

#17. YouTube Unblock Proxy

Let’s you watch YouTube content that has been region locked!

#18. Working Proxy

#19. Free Open Proxy

It scrambles your IP so that you stay safe while you visit websites.

#20. Proxy 2014

This one is another good proxy website as well.

Here are a few more proxy sites for you to check out. Do leave a comment below if we helped you out and if you have any questions or suggestions write them in the comment section as well.

As for me, I’ll see you in another article like this one!

#21. The Unlockable

#22.  Calchelp

#23. Elmayo

#24. Best School Network

#25. Gonewind

#26. Snow Proxy

#27. Proxy Agent

#28. Aproxies

#29. Browsethis

#30. Unblock YouTube Free

#31. Free YouTube

#32. HideOnline Proxy

#33. Rapid Proxy

#34. Unblock YouTube Beat School

#35. Hiding Your Info

#36.  Monster Proxy

#37. Hide Me Ass

#38. UK – Proxy

#39.  Proxy One

#40. Hide The Internet

#41. Web Proxy Free

#42. World Cup Proxy

#43. View Youtube

#44. Proxay

#45. Greatest Free Proxy

#46. Mega Proxy

#47 Crazy Proxy

#48. IP Switcher

#49. Hide My Trax Proxy

#50 Stardoll Proxy

#51. Proxy 4 Freedom

#52. Fish Proxy

#53. See Proxy

#54. Surf Proxy

#55 Sporium

#56 Saoudi Proxy

#57 Proxy Browse

#58. Proxy Internet

#59 Ca Proxies

#60 Proxy 2015

#61. FB Proxies

#62. PK Proxy

#63. America Proxy

#64. Proxy

#65. Korea Proxy

#66. Brazil Proxy

#67. Zalmos Web Proxy

#68. King Surf Proxy

#69. US Proxies

#70. Zacebook

#71. Proxys

#72. Go Proxy

#73. Me Hide

#74. PHP Proxy

#75.  Xite Now

#76. KProxy Site

#77. Intern Cloud

#78. Singapore Proxy

#79  Travel VPN

#80. Fast Time

#81. Hide IP Proxy

#82. Proxy Pirate

#83. Fun Proxy

#84. Orange Proxy

#85. Push Proxy

#86. Cool Proxy

#87. Free Open Proxy

#88.  Safe Proxy

#89. Europe Proxy

#90. SSL Proxy

#91. Web Surf

#92. Ninja Cloak

#93. Proxyo

#94. DeFilter

#95. Quick Proxy

#96. Free Proxy Server

#97. Free You Proxy Tube

#98. The Best Proxy

#99. Proxy Guy

#100. Unbind


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