How To Use Wp Smush Image Compression Plugin- 5 Easy Steps

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In How To Use Wp Smush Image Compression Plugin, we will learn how to compress your image with the help of a plugin in your WordPress blog.

Today’s post of Best Free Wp-Smush Image Compression Plugin is going to be special for you. Because this post is also related to On-Page SEO.

Today you will learn how to compress the image for your blog with just one plugin, which will make the loading time of our blog faster.

Image videos are very important in any blog or article. Due to this, visitors to our blog are engaged in our articles.

In today’s time, people are more attracted to text content as well as media content. For this, you can also use Images, Videos, or High-Quality Infographics from the topic of the post.

Due to which the visitors to our blog will be engaged on the article as well as the Bounce Rate of our blog will be good and your Dwell Time Increase will be there.

At the same time, your ranking will increase rapidly in the search engine and you will be on the top position of the search result.

How To Use WP Smush Image Compression Plugin?

What is WP Smush Plugin?

Wp-Smush Plugin automatically compresses all the images we add to our website so that your website becomes Light Weight.

If your website becomes lightweight, then your website opens fast so that the chances of your website getting ranked in search engines increase even more.

Overall, Wp-Smush Plugin automatically compresses all the images of our website that have been uploaded to us.

What are the benefits of WP Smush Plugin?

There are many benefits of Wp Smush Image Compression Plugin. So let’s know about all the benefits one by one :-

  1. With the help of Wp-Smush, we can automatically compress our images.
  2. With the help of this, we do not need to go to different sites to compress our image.
  3. This plugin provides us facility for free.
  4. We can compress Individual Images with its help.

Why Wp-Smush Plugin is necessary for our WordPress Blog?

Wp-Smush Plugin is considered very important to compress the image of the website. This increases the chances of our website growing.

This is such a plugin of WordPress that we can automatically compress our images by setting it once.

If we put images of high quality i.e. size more than 100 KB on Blog Post, then it takes time for our website to open.

If we compress the images in our website, then it increases the speed of our website.

And it is very easy for the user to read our post and open the images. And we are more likely to grow in Google Ranking.

New Bloggers do not pay much attention to the Plugin but this plugin very Factor of SEO for every WordPress User  Important Plugin  is.

So that the chances of ranking our blog in Google Search Engine become easy. There are more chances to come in Google’s Top Search Result.

How To Activate Wp-Smush WordPress Plugin?

To activate the Wp-Smush plugin, first we have to install this plugin, then after that we have to activate it.

So let’s start with the post of Best Wp-Smush Image Compression Plugin and activate this plugin.

First of all, you go to the Plugins option in the left side of your WordPress Dashboard and click on Add New Plugins, in a few seconds your Add New page will be opened.

When your Add New page will be opened, then you go to the Search Box of that page and search Wp-Smush, as soon as the search is completed, then the Wp-Smush Plugin Show will start in front of you.

Step 1  – When your Wp-Smush Plugin starts showing, then you install it by clicking on the option of Install of that Plugin. As you are seeing in the picture shown below.

Step 2  – When you install this plugin, now the option to activate this plugin will open in front of you, from where you can activate this plugin by clicking on the option of Activate.

Here your plugin has finally been activated, now we will read below how we set up this plugin.

How To Setup Wp-Smush WordPress Plugin?

To compress images on our website, we use Wp-Smush Plugin, so that we do not have to compress our images again and again, so let’s learn how to set up this plugin.

First of all, to set up this plugin, we have to go to the Plugins option on the left side of our WordPress dashboard and click on Installed Plugin. Click on the image given below.

When you click on the option of Installed Plugin, then some kind of interface will open in front of you, from where you can see your Wp-Smush Plugin.

Step 3  – You go to the option of your Wp-Smush Plugin and click on Setting, in a few seconds, the setting page of this plugin will open in front of you.

Step 4  – When the page of your setting will be opened, then you have already put Default Tick on this option, you should keep it as Default Tick.

This means that when you add any images to your WordPress, then this plugin automatically compresses those images of yours.

Step 5  – After doing this setting, you click on Update Setting, your setting will be completed very easily.

So far, more than 1 million users are using this plugin in total. Along with this, Wp-Smush Plugin provides all the facilities in Free.

Let us tell you that apart from Smush Image Compression Plugin, you can compress online images.

Although there are many Online Image Compression Tools available on the Internet, but for your convenience, we are giving the link of Compress Site to 4 Best Images. With the help of which you can also compress your images without any problem.

  1. compressjpeg
  2. compressimage
  3. Tinyjpg
  4. img2go

Conclusion :-

As we all know that images are very special for our web site because said one image is equal to 100 words.

That’s why you should also use images in your article and use the Wp-Smush Image Compression Plugin suggested by us so that your article can be ranked in the search engine as soon as possible.

Final Word :-

I hope you must have learned how to compress your images in the post of Best Free Wp-Smush Image Compression Plugin.

If you are facing any kind of problem in our How To Use Wp-Smush Image Compression Plugin Setting – Step By Step 2021 post then you can ask us through comment or email.

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