How to Use Microsoft Paint in Windows?

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Have you ever wondered how to use Microsoft paint in windows? You must have. When you are new to the computer field or if you have recently bought a computer then the question of how to work with paint in windows must have stricken through your mind.

Not only you, every next person who is new to the computers often struggle with the solution for the same. For your information, Microsoft Paint is a simple computer graphics program that runs with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

MS paint allows its users to create the simple sketching, make painting and editing basic images. That too without the need of any advanced software such as Photoshop. Yes, with paint you can do many things I will show you how. If you want more advance program for the same purpose, you can consider using GIMP which are advance options. Here is how to install GIMP on Mac.

How to Use Microsoft Paint in Windows

In this tutorial, we will be providing you the complete step by step guide on how to use paint in windows 7. If you don’t know even the basic of paint, still don’t worry, we will cover the guide from the scratch. The guide is will tell you the basic uses of all the tools.

I have also provided the screenshots along with the steps for your better understanding. I hope you will like the tutorial. So, let’s not waste much time and get started with the guide.

Step 1: First of all, launch the MS paint program to your computer. To do so, go to start menu and go to all programs. After that click on accessories. After clicking on the accessories, a list of programs will open up. Select Paint.

To be more specific, Start> All Parograms> Accessories> Paint. 

Check the screenshot below.


Step 2: After clicking on the paint option, a new window will be launched. This is where we can edit images and make paintings. The screen would look like, I have mentioned below.


Step 3: As you can see in the above image, at the right side of the screen, there are showing colors. This is what is called a color box. And at the left side of the color box, there are various shapes provided. , the box with various tools is called toolbar. All you have to do is pick the tool and use them accordingly.

You can also use the magnifier for the closer view. Left clicks give a closer view. Right clicks zoom out. The tool you will find in the tool box as mentioned above.

For example, I am picking the tool, rectangle, and star.  


Step 4: Now, if you want to fill the color to the shapes, you will have to pick the tool, fill with color. First, select the tool and then pick the color of your choice. To pick the color, all you have to do is, go to the color box and click on the color.


Once done, selecting the tool and picking up the color, go to the shape you want to fill the color in and click on it. 

Similarly, you can use any other shape and color. The line tool is used to draw a simple line in the paint, the rectangle for making the rectangles, ellipse tools are used to draw the circle or ellipse shapes. similarly, callouts, like oval callout, cloud callout etc are used to add the callout to the images.

Pick any of the tools and start creating the designs.

Step 5: To add text to the drawing, select the Text tool from the toolbox. As sooner you select the text tool, Your cursor changes to an insertion bar. With this cursor, drag the area that you would like to resemble on your drawing.

Now, until you’ve completed these steps, don’t click anywhere outside that selected area. Once done, simply type the text.


Step 6: Until you leave the text box, you can change the font, resize it and change the color of the text. When the text is highlighted, the options for text formatting would appear at the top of the screen. Check the image below.


Similarly, you can erase the drawing if required. All you will have to do is click on the erase tool and pick the same. After selection drag the mouse over the drawing and move your cursor. And you will see the drawing would start disappearing.

You can also add various effects to your drawing with the help of brushes. At the home tab, when you click on the Brushes, you will see, various types of the brush will appear. You will have to select them accordingly.

The selection of the brush type depends on your demand and choice.


So this is how a simple design in MS paint can be done. However I didn’t create any such drawing but I have shared the uses of all the tools with the example. I hope after following the above steps, you will end up creating a pretty design.

Once you are done with the creation, you can save it to your system. To save the image, click on the paint option at the top left corner of the page.

Clicking the paint option will open up a drop down. Click on Save as. 


After clicking on the save as option, a save as dialogue box will pop up. Simply enter your name and click on save.

Ok, so this is how to use Microsoft paint in windows. In the guide above, however, I have covered almost all the possible tools, but in case if I have missed out any, then you can tell us.

Painting, sketching etc, depends on your creativity. Our responsibility was to letting you know all the possible and useful tools, it’s you who has to decide how these tools should be used and how creative you can make by using the same tools. Photoshop is the robust program to show your creative skills. Here is how to install Photoshop on Windows.

I am sure, you must have found the guide useful. If it is really so, you can share it on your social media platforms. You share would be appreciated.


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