How to Reopen a Closed Tab?

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The Internet plays a pivotal part in our everyday lives. When we talk about our official work or its personal arena, the internet now is the backbone of any part of the world. The Internet can now be addressed not as a luxury, but a day-to-day necessity.

When you work on your laptop, desktop or even your mobile phones, all can be referred to as a box if it doesn’t have the internet as nowadays majority of the applications are web related and work only on the internet.

Often, we face situations wherein the browser does not respond, and we need to reopen the recently closed tabs or reopen a recently used window. In this article, we will focus mainly on how to reopen a closed tab or how to open a closed window in a browser or how do we get into the recently closed tabs. It is always a great idea to bookmark your favorite website on Google Chrome as you can get all those bookmarks anywhere, just by login using gmail account. Here is how to export Chrome Bookmarks.

How to Reopen a Closed Tab?


We need the Internet to get connected to anyone anywhere in the world on Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, e-mails, video calling or Whatsapp.

We all work on Internet Explorer, Chrome or any other browser in order to make use of the internet and gather information online. All browsers, be it Chrome, MAC, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer, have one thing in common.

They are very user-friendly, and all the browsers have some features, which are a boon for the users. When we open a browser, we can collect information not only from one window but open multiple tabs and windows at the same time.

This feature enables users to gather as much information as possible keeping many tabs open at the same time.

Reopening Closed Tabs in Google Chrome


Here’s how to reopen a closed window.

When we talk about reopening the recently used tab closed in Chrome, you need to right-click anywhere on the tab bar where you see space. You need to click on ‘Reopen Closed Tab‘ option appearing in the popup menu. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut from the keyboard by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T simultaneously.

If you keep on repeating and select the option ‘ReopenClosed Tab’ or press Ctrl + Shift + T, it will pop up and open all the previously used tabs exactly in the same order they were closed. Google Chrome also allows you to take screenshots on chrome without using an external tool or addon.

Reopening Closed Tabs in Firefox

Learn how to open a closed tab in Firefox here. In order to reopen last tabs closed in Firefox, you need to hit the Firefox button located on the extreme left corner and click on History >Recently Closed Tabs appearing in the pull-down menu.

Based on your requirements, you need to either select Individual Tabs option or Restore All Tabs. You can then hit keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + T to open recently closed tab. If you select Reopen Closed Tab repeatedly or continue pressing Ctrl + Shift + T, it will open the tabs previously closed in the same order they were closed.

In case there is a long list of closed tabs or the number of tabs is more, you can select Clear Closed Tabs List from the options to clear the long list, which is not required.

In case there is a long list of closed tabs or the number of tabs is more, you can select Clear Closed Tabs List from the options to clear the long list, which is not required.


Reopening Closed Tabs in Opera

In order to reopen the tabs last closed in Opera, you need to select the small icon of recycle bin, which appears at the right hand side on the bar of the tab and you can then check the desired tabs available in the menu in the drop-down. Press Ctrl + Shift + T simultaneously so that you can open the most recently used and closed tabs.

If you select the Reopen closed tab in succession, or continue pressing the Ctrl + Shift + T buttons from keyboard, it will open the previously used and closed tabs in the same order that they had been closed. You can also select the Clear List of Closed Tabs to have the list cleared in the closed tabs in Opera.

Reopening Closed Tabs in Internet Explorer (IE) 9


The recently closed tabs in IE9 can be opened just by right-clicking on the tab and selecting the option ‘Recently closed tabs’ appearing in the popup menu. You need to select an individual tab from the appearing sub-menu or just select the option ‘Open all closed tabs’in order to open all the tabs closed in the last active session.

In order to reopen the most recently used and closed tab, you need to right-click on a tab bar and then select the option Reopen closed tab or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T. If you repeatedly keep on selecting the option Reopen Closed Tab or simply keep pressing the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T, it will open all the previously closed tabs that were closed in the same order that they were closed.


There is another way to reopen the closed tabs directly from the New Tab page. You need to open a fresh new tab and click the Reopen Closed Tabs option appearing at the bottom left corner in the New Tab page. Selecting a tab appearing in the popup menu or by selecting Open All Closed Tabs will reopen all the tabs that were closed in the last working session.

For opening the entire browsing session in your IE9 and to make it happen, you need to activate the Command bar from the tab bar in case it’s not active. By right-clicking on any empty space in the bar of the tab, you can easily select Command bar appearing in the popup menu.

Clicking on the Tools button appearing on the Command bar and selecting the Reopen Last Browsing Session appearing in the drop-down menu list will enable you to open the last browsing session in new tabs in the IE9 window, which will be your current active tab. If your browser is not responding you, that’s probably due to a lot of cache memory. Here is how to clean Cache in Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Given a situation where you might have closed the Chrome tab by mistake and want to get it back,you can open them if you right-click on the tab bar and select the Reopen Closed Tab appearing in the menu or if you click Ctrl+Shift+T.

You can find the list of all recently closed tabs in the Settings menu. Clicking on the three horizontal line icons appearing in the top right corner and choosing the Recent Tabs helps you find the same.

Hope that helped you to understand how to open closed tabs!


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