How To Make a Comic Book

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Ever wondered how to make a comic book?? We all have grown up reading the comic of our favorite superheroes since our childhood and we all have thought of creating our own comic book for at least once in our life, agree?

If you haven’t made that thought a reality yet, probably that day has come. We will help you to make your own comic book today. Certainly, there are tons of comic bookmakers available in the market, but you can’t make a comic book without an idea.

Along with the idea, what are the other points you need to keep in mind before proceeding to learn how to write a comic book, let’s find out?

How To Make a Comic Book:

However, the idea and storylines are the most important considerations while creating a comic book but there are many other steps you can’t overlook while making your own comic book.

So, let’s go in-depth into the steps involved in making a comic book.

Step 1. Come Up With an Idea:

The most important step before starting anything new. If you have a super cool and interesting idea whether it is funny or supernatural which can appeal to the crowd, you are good to go.

The idea should be interesting for you as well as for the readers. Because you can only put your heart into something which interests you. Unless you’ll love what you are doing, you can’t make people love it.

And if you want to make your comic to be loved for long, make sure the idea can be taken forward without making people bored. So in all, we can say, the idea is the first step to being taken while making a comic. Now it’s time to move to step 2.

Step 2. Write a Storyline:

If you are done with the idea part, it’s time to go forward and write a compelling storyline. Without a proper script, you can’t go longer and failure would be your final destination.

So, make sure you have well structured your idea in the form of a script. The story should look substantial and eye compelling. It should have a proper beginning, a middle and an end to avoid any chaos and keep up the reader’s interest.

The story should lie into a particular genre and it should be organized. If both the steps are done properly, it’s time to jump to the third step.

Step 3. Develop Characters:

Without the characters, we can’t imagine any comic book, hence, it is another very important step. If you have developed an idea and a script so far, you sure have some characters in mind, around whom the story revolves.

If you have been reading the comic, you must be knowing that these are the characters who make the story compelling. If you are making a comic around supernatural powers, there must be a superhero who is a superhuman or something.

If there is a protagonist in the story, an antagonist is surely going to be there too. Similarly, there must be some other characters in the story. If step 1 and step 2 are done properly, its time to develop the characters and draw them.

Step 4. Decide the Layout:

With the development of the characters, it’s time to move forward and decide the layout of your upcoming comic. You just can’t put the title, characters, and dialogues about anywhere in the comic.

There has to be a proper structure of everything you do. Put the room for the dialogues on the page, decide the number of pages each event should have, which page should contain how many dialogues and so on.

Without a proper layout, you will end up making your comic look fuzzy. If the layout of the comic would be attractive and well-structured, the chances would be higher for people to like your comic.

Step 5. Draw the Comic:

Once we are done the deciding layout, we are almost done with the preparation part. Now, it’s time to turn your imagination a reality. As per the layout decided, place the characters and dialogue bubbles on the place decided.

Make sure to keep the design attractive and eye-catchy. If you are not good at designing the characters, you can outsource this task by hiring a cartoonist or so. Don’t bother yourself for perfection, you can do this task later. Just draw a rough copy of your comic for now to avoid unnecessary delays.

This is the second last step, now only one last step is left for your comic to be completed.

Step 6. Inking, Coloring, and Lettering:

As sooner the rough copy of your comic is completed, it’s time to touch up and make your comic readable. The inking and coloring part depends on the creator’s choice. Some people just don’t like inking their work, only pencil drawing seems enough to them.

While some people like decorating their comics with different inks. After inking, the coloring comes into the list. The color you choose makes a huge difference. So, this step should be done wisely.

If you are not good at this step, just hand over this work to some professional because no matter how attractive the story you have, ultimately look of your comic is something which users will notice at the first glance.

Lettering is also as important as inking and coloring. So, make sure you choose the right fonts for your comic.

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, probably you have made your first comic, congrats! Now you can sell your comic to the world and make money out of it if you want.

Although the whole process of making a comic can be time and effort consuming if you are seriously willing to make your own comic, the whole process will turn out to be really interesting.

Now since you know, how to make a comic book it’s time to take action and create your own comic!!

I am assuming the steps were clear, but in case you have any doubts, feel free to ask in the below comment box. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.


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