How to Make a Beacon?

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Minecraft is a very interesting game that has grabbed the interest of several enthusiastic gamers for several years now. Though it comes with its own set of challenges, which is not easy to defeat for most new players, it still appeals for the excitement factor.

Most of the players would have at least once lost their path in Minecraft and, hopefully, they think that there should be something that could help them with guidance and take them home.

Beacon is something that can perfectly lead you to your home, and an ideal beacon can easily help you in getting add-on benefits like armor, improving the damages, and providing status updates.


So, it is necessary that you learn how to make a beacon. This article is very useful for all the Minecraft enthusiasts.Here are few ways that can enlighten you about how to make a beacon in Minecraft.

Procure Materials for the Pyramid Base

A pyramid shaped base is needed, which is made up of emerald blocks, diamond blocks, and iron blocks. You have developed about 164 blocks made up of same materials as height is something that is directly proportional to power.

The 4 blocks are developed by building 9 of the smaller base material. Iron ingots can be utilized to make diamond blocks, iron blocks, etc.

Iron ore and gold are located in the same way as the other materials are found. However, iron ore is more easily found than gold. Emerald is one of the rarest things to find and scarcely found only on Extreme Hills.

How to Make a Beacon


Find Obsidian

A beacon can be made by three obsidians. It can be easily found by allowing lava to flowing water. The water must get in touch with the lava from top and not the other way round.

Get Glass

You need five blocks of glass, which is made of smelting sand in a furnace. It is one of the most prominent stages in how to craft a beacon.

Find a Nether Star

Getting a Nether star in creative mode would be quite challenging in survival mode or else it’s not that difficult to attain. To get a Nether star, you have to kill a wither and eventually a Nether star would be dropped.

The making of Golem in Minecraft is partially similar to summoning a wither. Keep 4 soul sands in T-shape in front of you and keep 3 wither skeleton heads above. You will see that the heads will be dropped while killing the wither skeleton.

Next, you will see the health bar refilling with wither spawning. So, wait for the bar to fill and explode.Wait for it to do that first and later kill it.


Clear the Area

To build a larger area, you have to build enough space, which should be about 9X9.

Create the Base

First of all, create the base with the selected blocks and spread it across the 9X9 square. Now create the second layer with a 7X7 square at the center of the 9X9 square. The edge should be visible at the corner. A block ring should be visible.

TheThird Layer

From the third layer, which has to be 5X5 and is supposed to be put at the center of the 7X7 square. So now, you see a ring of blocks visible from the edge.

The Fourth Layer

Arrange 3X3 square blocks in the middle of a 5X5 square. A ring of blocks should be prominently visible now.

Place the Beacon

Now place it on the top of the set of blocks in the middle of the 3X3 square. The beacon is made up of three obsidians at the lowest row of the crafting grid window.

Select Your Status Effect

For the beacon you developed, you need to right click on it and see the status effects.

Locate an Ideal and Visible Spot

More than the dazzling effects, the beacon would be more like a homing beacon, but not so bright. So, do not put it in a lowland; rather put it on the peak of the mountain so that it would be visible.At least, you will get to know what is a beacon!

Ensure the Height of the Blocks

At least 3-6 blocks are ideal for good height. You need to use any material apart from wood or water.

Develop a glass box with open top; it will help you make the best use of how to use a Beacon in Minecraft.

Bring lava using a bucket and pour it in the ditch. Here you will find lava in the lakes and sometimes underground also. You may cover the ditch with a glass.


However, the beacon works best at night as it lightens and helps you to locate it faster. Ensure that the beacon is at a height so that you can see it prominently. You need 81 iron ingots that make 3X3 grid. While developing the glass box, it is necessary that you hold shift as it can easily help you to hold the blocks.

Most of the enthusiasts plan for a tower, but most of the times a beacon is more effective. Glass can be developed with the help of sand and furnace. Also, remember that surrounding the beacon or covering it with stained glasses will make you throw more color out of the beacon.

These are steps that will let you know the effective methods for how to make a beacon work and get the best out of it and make the entire experience more dramatic and enjoying.

Most of the beginners mostly wonder how to use a beacon.Hope that the article helped you clear all your doubts and understand the exact process so that you can churn the best out of Minecraft.

If you still have doubts, drop your queries in the comments section below, and our gaming experts will give you appropriate solutions. Stay tuned on this blog for more information about such gaming and technical guides.


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