How to Make a Banner in Minecraft?

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A Banner is one of the primary decor items you can  own in Minecraft isn’t that right? So throughout this piece I’ll be walking you through the steps on How to Make a Banner in Minecraft.

We will start with making White banners, and then move forward to other colors and types as well! And trust me if your last Google search was anything even remotely related to “banner maker Minecraft“, you’re exactly where you should be.

Primary Minecraft Banner Designs:-

In Minecraft, you can craft a banner for almost any possible color. The “color” banners come in handy when crafting other advanced banners. Here are some of the most commonly used color banners:-

  • White banner.
  • Blue banner.
  • Red banner.

And so on. And then you can use these color banners for a number of purposes. And one of those purposes is crafting other banners, some of the possible options are:-

  • The Black field masoned banner
  • The Per band banner
  • The Black thing banner etc.

So anyway, “banners” mean a lot in minecraft,so let’s turn you into one of the best  Minecraft banner maker in your neighborhood!

How to Make a Banner in Minecraft?

So in order to learn how to make banners in Minecraft,  you need to first learn what are the requirements to make any specific banner, right?

We will start with the “white banner”, so here’s what you’re going to need:-

  • 6 Wool
  • 1 stick.

You ofcourse will need the crafting table before you can craft any items in Minecraft. So make sure you’ve the items listed above, and the crafting table.

Position your player just in front of the crafting table.

Now you need to access the crafting table. Here’s how to do so:-

  • PC:- Right click on the crafting table.
  • PS3:- Press the “square” button.
  • Xbox:- Press the “X” button.

I suppose those are the three most popular gaming platforms in the market these days aren’t they? So I’m sure they cover your device as well.

Anyway once you’ve access to the crafting table, you need to add the required items to the crafting table.

Place the items listed above in the 3X3 grid, that’s where the required items for any craft are placed.

Minecraft automatically detects the output and let’s you know what you’re crafting. You should see your white banner appear right next to the crafting grid.

Finally just move the banner to your inventory to complete the job!

How to Make a Lozenge Banner?

It’s one of the other kinds of banners you get to own in Minecraft, and can be used to make a custom shield.

All the steps and methods to make any kind of banner is the same in this how to make banners in Minecraft guide.

The only difference arises in the “materials” you’ll be needing to craft the banner. So let me tell you what you’ll be needing to make a Lozenge banner in Minecraft:-

  • Any 1 banner.
  • Any 1 dye.

I’m using the following ingredients:-

  • White banner
  • Lapis Lazuli dye.

Obviously you’ll need to craft or obtain the required items before you can proceed with making this banner.

Once you have the above items, just add them to the crafting table, and you’ll get the output, simple as that.

How to Make a Black Thing Banner in Minecraft?

Talking about Lozenge and leaving out the “black thing” banner doesn’t seem fair now, does it? The Black thing banner is primarily a decor, it can be used to decorate your game in general with a flag, or to decorate a custom shield.

So in short, you can make a white banner using the first section of this article, a Lozenge banner using the second section, and then this black thing banner to decorate both of them.

So here’s what you need to craft a black thing banner:-

  • 1 enchanted Apple.
  • 1 banner.

Now the one important aspect of this craft is that, the items need to be placed exactly in the order I’m illustrating in the following screenshot:-

So, you place the enchanted apple in the first column, the banner in the second, and only then you’ll be able to craft the Black thing banner. (In other words, sequence matters!)

The black thing banner to make a custom shield as well just like the other banners in this piece.

How to Make a Per Bend Banner:-

This is the last banner craft I’ll be discussing over here.I won’t beat around the bush here, just make sure you have the following items and you’ll be able to craft your banner easily:-

  • 1 Banner
  • 3 Dye

Again make sure that the placement of the items is exactly as illustrated below. If the sequence doesn’t match, you won’t get the desired product.

So place 1 dye in the second row, first column, and then another die right next to it in the third row. In the second column, place the banner in the second row second column, and then the dye in the third row. (Just follow the screenshot).

And once it’s done, you can add it to your inventory!

Wrapping it Up:-

So that was all I had in my arsenal as far as this How to make a banner in Minecraft guide is concerned folks.

Hope this piece helped, if it did I’d love to get your feedback in the comments section. Not to mention that feel free to share this piece on your social media with your folks, you might do a Minecraft player some favor, who knows?


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