How to Livestream on Facebook?

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Facebook has launched one after another update last couple of years, however the paramount update if you ask for my personal opinion, I’d say was the Facebook live stream. So well you search for an answer to How to Livestream on Facebook ends here.

I mean “livestream” was something we were only accustomed to on the sports’ channel, also we had this mindset where we thought it required high-end equipment and satellites and what not, well seems not any more!

Now all we need is an android device, and a Facebook account, the two things which now almost define “basic needs” in the common day to day life.

Before answering your questions like  how to go live on Facebook, and how to stream, let’s have a basic glance at Facebook live stream.

What is Facebook Live Stream?

Facebook live stream was launched last year to help Facebook users broadcast themselves live on their Facebook accounts.

Initially it was an “U.S iOS users only” feature, later it was expanded to “U.S Android users” and then finally on the global level to “Any place, any country, any OS” .

Also, initially it was just a “broadcasting” service, without a lot of control for you, but now a year later you do get quite a bit of control, including:-

  • Choosing where your audience are based off of. (location.)
  • Choosing their age.
  • Blocking someone from the feed if they’re passing unacceptable comments.
  • See the number of real-time viewers.

And once your broadcast is complete, it takes couple seconds for Facebook to upload that live-broadcast as a saved video for others to watch at a later time.

How to Livestream on Facebook?

Considering it’s Facebook, like every other of its feature the process and answer to how to live stream too is fairly simple and the user-interface is pretty easy as well.

Just download the Facebook official app (if you don’t have it already! As of right now, you can “Go live” only from a cell phone device and not from your mac or windows laptops/computers!)

Once you’ve the app, sign-in to your account, and you can see click on “Whats on your mind” text-space, as you normally do when you’re trying to post a status.


When you do that, you should see the option “Go Live” listed there along with all the other options.

If it’s your first time of you trying live stream Facebook, your device would ask your for permissions, click on the “allow” button.


This should take you to your app settings’ page. There you should find an option called “Permissions”. Tap on it.


Now allow “camera”, “microphone” and “location” for Facebook. These three features from your cell are used for your Facebook live broadcast and hence are required.


Once you do that, you’re done! Now you can just broadcast yourself in broad daylight and there’s no stopping you! Although the “locations” is optional, only if you want Facebook to attach your location pin along with your Facebook video.

And if you do enable the “locations” access for the Facebook app, also make sure that you’ve enabled “GPS” on your cell phone, because just enabling the app access to locations won’t be of any help if your device GPS is off.

Method #2:-  How to Stream Live on Facebook

This method is comparatively shorter than the prior one we just discussed. All the steps being same, the only difference is instead of tapping on the “whats on your mind” text-space and then choosing “Go live” option, you can directly tap on the “Live” option on the very first screen and you’re done!


Facebook Live Stream Facts:-

Well we’re almost done with our core-article, but isn’t the article too short? Why not get you guys something extra to share with your folks in your neighborhood the next time you talk and help you emerge as the “all-knowing geek?

1:- Time-Limit

Facebook started with a 30-minute time-limit on Live videos, which was later extended to 2 Hours, and then 3, while currently it’s 4-hours! So meaning you can stream live for 4 hours in one go with Facebook live stream.

2.  Data-Usage

Well there’s no fixed amount of data usage it costs for a Facebook live stream, not even if you’re broadcasting or just a viewer.

But recent calculations show a 5 minute live-stream costs around 59mb of data. I’m on an unlimited 4G plan so it doesn’t matter to me, but if you watch such videos 4-5 times/day, it’s easy 300 MB going out.And I do know, 500 MBs on a 4G network or even the 3G aren’t exactly pocket-friendly.

3. Advanced Control

While broadcasting live, all you’ve got to do is, swipe “left” on the screen to hide user interaction. What this does is, it will stop user interaction for the time being on your live-stream, this way your viewers won’t get distracted and you’ll have their full attention.

Although if you swipe “right” anytime later, you can bring back the interactions options and your viewers will again be able to interact with your video.

Final Words:-

So that was all I had on How to livestream on Facebook folks. Hope this piece helped? If it did, I’d love to get your feedback in the comments down there.

Also, if you’ve any other way for anything related to Facebook live stream, maybe reducing data usage, extending time-limit or anything of that sort, you can let us know in the comments and we would update this guide accordingly.

Do keep in mind that Facebook live stream is one of the most updated features from Facebook, so by the time you read this guide, it’s possible that the time-limit gets extended, or there might be a new major change, although we will update this guide if there’s any such major update, still if you don’t see it here do notify us in the comments.

Not to mention that I wouldn’t mind in the least, you sharing this piece on your social media and helping us grab some more eye-balls.


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