How To Install Plagiarism Add On Google Docs 2022?

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Students and instructors alike have embraced Google Docs as an indispensable tool for document creation and management. We’ve made a plagiarism checker add-on for Google Docs so that it’s simple to use a free service to double-check your work.

Educators and students can use our Google Docs add-on to easily obtain a similarity score and a comprehensive plagiarism report with citations.

This lightweight extension is an effective plagiarism checker for students, educators, and content creators concerned about avoiding accidental plagiarization in their work.

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What is the PlagiarismCheck add-on?

The PlagiarismCheck add-on for Google Docs is a great tool for detecting plagiarism in documents. It is easy to use and can help you to ensure that your documents are original.

The add-on is free to use and is available on the Google Chrome Web Store.


Benefits of Plagiarism Check add-on for Google Docs.

There are many benefits of using the PlagiarismCheck add-on for Google Docs. Some of the main benefits include:

  1. The ability to quickly and easily check for plagiarism in your documents.
  2. The ability to get feedback on which sections of your document are plagiarized, as well as where the plagiarism occurred.
  3. The ability to easily export your findings to a PDF or other format.
  4. The ability to integrate with Google Drive, making it easy to use and access.

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From Where to start?

Using add-on requires a balance of pages or membership in an organization that subscribes to our service.

  1. Follow these steps to install an add-on:
    • “Get add-ons” button in Google Docs’ Add-ons menu
    • If you’re using the Chrome browser, login to your Gmail account that’s also linked to your Chrome account before clicking Install in the GSuite market).
  2. Select PlagiarismCheck.orgStart from Google Docs’ “Add-ons” menu once installation is complete.
  3. The error “ refuses to connect” refused to connectindicates that you have multiple Gmail accounts open at once. To fix this, simply switch to a private browsing window and log in using the Gmail account you used to install the PlagiarismCheck add-on. You should be able to deploy an expansion now.
  4. In order to acquire your free copy of one page from, you must either login or register.
  5. If you’re ready to have your paper reviewed, click the “Proceed” button. Remember that you need enough pages in your account to submit a document to be proofread. Please select a plan here:
  6. You may have to wait a few seconds for Google Docs’ plagiarism check to return findings. With a click of “View full report,” our plagiarism checker will open a comprehensive report in a new tab.

Use this Google Docs add-on to make sure your writing is original. Detecting plagiarism has never been easier.


The PlagiarismCheck add-on for Google Docs is an excellent tool for helping to ensure that your documents are free of plagiarized content.

This add-on integrates with Google Docs to scan your document for any instances of plagiarism, and provides you with a report of the results.

If you are writing a paper or other document that you want to be sure is original, the PlagiarismCheck add-on is a great way to do that.

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