How to Hide TaskBar in Windows 10?

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How to Hide TaskBar in Windows 10? If that’s what you’re searching for you’re exactly where you should be! (I know I say that a lot!).

Anyway, Windows is one of the most popular and commonly used Operating systems in the world, so it’s common for it to have such advanced, user-friendly options and it’s common for you to have such doubts as How To Auto Hide Or Completely Hide Windows 10 Taskbar.

So that’s what we would be discussing throughout this piece. But before that let’s start from the basics.

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What is the Taskbar?

The taskbar is exactly what the word translates to in its literal meaning- Task Bar. Meaning, it was originally developed to let you gain easy access to various tasks on your system.

It isn’t something that made its appearance recently, instead, it has been around since the very first launch of Windows, that’s Windows 1.0

With time, it’s graphical look and feel was developed and today Windows 10 has the most advanced interface that we see. Here is the taskbar of Windows 7 and the taskbar of Windows 10.

How to Hide TaskBar in Windows 10

Somewhat of a metro feel has been incorporated into the whole Windows 10 system, and the same holds true for the taskbar as well.

Apart from granting us easy access to apps, it also somewhat adds to the signature look of Microsoft, although Mac OS has a taskbar of its own which is slightly different than the Microsoft one.

Technically though, it’s the same thing just the difference of shapes and icons, in addition to the taskbar on Mac being placed in the center by default while that of Microsoft is attached to the full width of the screen on Windows.

One other important function the Taskbar serves on Windows is to grant us access to the Start menu. It’s one of the most important elements of any Windows Operating system, isn’t it?

It’s almost like the “launch hub” for everything. The tools, accessories and everything else. Although the start button concept has been totally changed in Windows 10, it still holds the same importance and value to its users.

Also ofcourse the date-time setup on Windows systems is stationed on the Taskbars’ right-bottom by default.

Not that it’s an extremely important feature, but well it is a feature and that’s a fact.

How to Hide TaskBar in Windows 10?

Now you know what the Taskbar is, let’s get down to why you came here for. (It’s just a 2 click process so it won’t take much of your time anyway!)

Right-click on your taskbar, and click on settings.

How to Hide TaskBar in Windows 10

Then simply select the “automatically hide the taskbar” to slide the slider from disabled to enabled mode.

How to Hide TaskBar in Windows 10

Done! Well, that’s all you had to do.

Why Hide Taskbar in Windows 10?

Before answering your question How to auto-hide the taskbar in Windows 10, I think it’s only fair for me to answer the “why” to the question.

Why would you want to hide the Taskbar in Windows 10? It’s such an important element and has been there since Windows 1.0 (this goes on to  establish the importance and user-response for it!)

Well everything on this universe, every single atom has its own pros and cons. Now obviously the pros for the Taskbar outweigh the cons, still, the cons exist. Let’s have a look.

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This is my personal reason why I’ve disabled my own Windows 10 taskbar. I’ve got a limited screen-space.

Why should I waste it with the taskbar? And I’ve always felt that once you hide the taskbar, your screen starts looking considerably larger.

And it’s not like the taskbar is gone forever, right? You can always enable it right back up with just a couple of clicks.

Wrong Clicks:-

The taskbar icons have a bad habit of getting themselves clicked. Doesn’t matter if you’re trying to click at something else, or not click at all.

Not sure why, but the worst times are those when you accidentally click on Internet Explorer! It doesn’t matter how much RAM or which Processor you’re running, Explorer would just lag your system down as a general rule.

And it’s not just about I.E, you might click on just about any app and it frustrates you to the ground.

The Look & Feel:-

Almost every computer I come across in India is a Windows-based system generally, so of course, it has the taskbar as well.

So honestly, hiding my taskbar on Windows 10 just gives me a “new, fresh, different” feeling. It makes my system look different.

Or else, it’s just boring to stare at the same screen since the day you first touched computers, right?

And now that the option is available, why not use it?

Final Words:-

So that was all I had for this How to hide the taskbar in Windows 10 guide folks. Hope this piece helped.

If it did, I’d love to get your feedback in the comments section. Or if you’re stuck someplace, have doubts or queries even then the comment box is all yours.

And if you’ve got other ways to disable taskbar in Windows 10, well I’m all ears If it’s good enough I’ll love to include it over here along with proper credits.

And if nothing else, you can just let me know why you’re trying to hide your taskbar in the least!

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