How to Gameshare on Xbox One?

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Have you ever wondered How to Gameshare on Xbox One? You must have. Since it is a digital era people often preferring digital games instead of their physical retail discs. And I am sure you will feel glad to know that, you can now actually share your digital games with your friends.

Yes, and I guess you know the advantages of game sharing. When you share a physical disc with your friend, only that friend can play the game at a time. But, when you share your digital game with a friend, not only him but you, as well can play the same game at the same time without any problems.

In today’s article i.e how to share games on Xbox One using gameshare, we are going to let you know the steps to share games on Xbox one.

Keep reading the article, we have provided almost all the steps with screenshots for your better understanding. Expecting you will find the guide useful.

How to Gameshare on Xbox One

Game sharing is one of the best features of Xbox One which lets you share your games with your friend. Note my point, with your friend. With Xbox one, you can share your games with one of your friends only. This is one of the best features that Xbox One and Microsoft has to offer.

If you are not aware of this feature or don’t know How To Share Xbox One Games with Friends, then don’t panic we are here to help you. Since in this article, we are going to provide you the complete guide on how to share games on xbox one.

So? What next? Let’s head over to the guide. Follow all the steps carefully and learn to share the game with your friend on Xbox.

Step 1:  First of all, acquire the information of your friend’s or family member’s account. This is the most important step you need to follow in order to share game.

Until you have the information of the person you want to share your game with, you won’t be able to do the same.

Step 2: Afterward, go to the Xbox One’s home screen and click on the drop down box placed at the top right corner of the screen. Once done, follow the next step.


Step 3: When you click on the drop-down menu, After clicking on the drop down menu, you will see many options including Add and Manage. Click on that.

Following the previous step, you have to click on the Add new to add a new account to Xbox one. Once done selecting the option, add the new email account to sign into the xbox one.


Step 4: Now simply sign in to the Xbox one and click on Choose this person and follow the next step.

After you are signed in with the account you’re going to share the game with, make the Xbox one home page. To do so, navigate to Settings>Personalization>My Home Xbox. Here you can choose to make this Xbox My Home Xbox to enable game sharing with this Xbox.


Step 5: Once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps and have successfully set the console as Home Xbox with your friend’s account, it’s time to log out of his account and log into your own. Provide your credentials and sign in to your personal account.

Once you are done with the login procedure, head over to My Games & Apps > Games. 

Step 6: Following the previous step, scroll to the right side and select the game you want to share. You will find the friend’s games under Ready to install section.


Now simply select the game as per the choice and let it download. This way you can share and enjoy any of your game with your friend or family member and vice versa.

Remember, you can share your game with your friends or relatives if you have the information of their account or Gamertag. But in case you don’t have any clue about their account information, then what would you do?? Confused?? I will tell you what to do in such cases.

When there is a friend who wants to join you on Xbox one and doesn’t own his/her own Xbox live account, then they can create a guest account on your Xbox One console.

When you use a guest account, a temporary account is created as a copy of the account of the person who is currently logged into the console. And at the end when that person signs out from the account, the guest account is also signed out and removed from the console.

If you don’t know how to create a guest account on Xbox One, then follow the below steps.

Step 1: First of all go to the home screen of the Xbox one and select your account to sign in.

Step 2: Now go to the profile section and select add and manage. And after that choose Add Guest.


And you are done!!

You can remove your guest any time you want. To do so, all you will have to do is sign out of the account. When the guest or you signs out, the guest account gets removed from the console.

Similarly, if you want to add more guest to the console, again click on add guest account and so forth.

So, this was all about how to Gameshare on Xbox One. Apart from game hearing I also covered the steps to add or remove the guest user to the Xbox one.

I hope you have got all the steps clearly. In case, of any confusion drop the comment below. If you found the article useful, you can share it on the social media platforms to make it reachable to your friends and relatives.

If we have missed out something or you have any suggestions or query you can ask that by dropping the comment below. We will try to reach out to you as soon as possible.


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