How to Find a Website’s IP Address?

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The digital population is getting curious by the day these days isn’t that right? The obvious proof is you searching for something like How to Find a Website’s IP Address?

Well, that’s exactly what this piece is all about. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea about How to use nslookup command and also How To Find IP Address Of a Domain Using NSLookup

But before that let’s get into the basics.

What are Website IP Addresses?

Before you can understand that, you need to understand what “IP Addresses” are. IP addresses are basically like your “internet phone number”.

They’re specific, and they’re registered to you from your ISP. Not just that, they can be used to trace back your location and even personal information in some cases.

Basically, whenever you connect to the Internet you connect using an IP address, think of it as the connecting link between your offline computer and the Internet.

But that’s what the general, individual IP address is, what about the Website IP addresses?

Well, IP addresses are how the Internet and the browsers “spell” or “remember” websites.

In other words, is for humans. But that’s not how a browser would remember it. Because the browser or the Internet doesn’t have a “brain” such as we humans do.

Hence it remembers as something like because computers are exceptionally good with numbers and digits rather than names and phrases, right?

So whenever you enter the URL of any website in your browsers, the browser goes off and fetches the IP address of the website from its DNS records. And once it has both the phrase and the IP address in sync, you get your webpage loaded.

So in other words, Website IP addresses are the connecting link between any website and the Internet.

Why do you Need Website IP Addresses?

Now that you know what Website IP addresses are, I think it’s only fair for us to discuss “why” do you need those IP addresses.

Well, there are numerous situations when you might need the IP address exactly and not the name of the website.

Blocking Websites:-

Using an “IP” makes it easier for you to “hide” your specific website.

For eg. If you want to block, just having one IP address in the list would make it rather obvious, won’t it? And anyone can remove it from the restrictions list.

But if you swamp the list with 10-20 different IP addresses, it would make it harder for the perpetrators to Find a Website IP Address exactly and correctly.

Unblocking Websites:-

If you’re at a school, or library, or just on a public network. There might be times when a certain website is blocked.

An IP address of the website would come in handy for unblocking the website from the restrictions list.

Of course, that’s not always this easy, the tool must be an “IP” oriented tool, and without any additional layers of protection, well, fortunately, that’s just how most website blocking tools are.

Finding Geographic Location of a Server:-

Every website is hosted on a server, right? Space where the files and documents are uploaded.

Now this “digital space” needs “physical servers”. If you know the IP address of a website, and if it’s using dedicated servers you should be able to zero in on either the exact location of the server or at least a potential radius.

There are other, more-complex uses as well but for the scope of this guide let’s keep it simple.

How to Find a Website’s IP Address?

So finally down to the section you’ve been waiting for. Well finding any website’s IP address is fairly simple.

My favorite method is using the “ping” command from the command prompt.

Method #1:-

Click on your start button, and type “Cmd” in the command prompt.

How to Find a Website's IP Address

On the command prompt, just type “ping”, and it would get you a reply from the IP address of the website instantly.

How to Find a Website's IP Address

This is probably the easiest method to find the IP address of any website.

Method #2:-

This method comes in handy I for some reason the ping command isn’t being cooperative.

It’s pretty much the same as the above method, you just have to replace “ping” with “nslookup” command.

For eg. Nslookup and it would get you the IP address of the website you’ve looked up.

How to Find a Website's IP Address

And let me tell you, a Website doesn’t necessarily have a single IP address, so it’s possible for the same website to return different IP addresses for different commands.

Method #3:-

If you’re trying to dig for the IP address of a website that is popular enough and not just an individual venture, you might just as well get lucky.

Because for most companies out there like Google, Facebook, Youtube etc, you can get the IP address with a simple Google search.

Just search for “What is the IP address of” and you’d get the answer.

Final Words

So that was all I had regarding How to Find a Website’s IP Address folks. Hope this piece helped.

If it did, I’d be more than happy to get your feedback in the comments section. Not to mention that you can share this piece on Social media with your folks and someone might just find what they were looking for.

Also, if you’ve got any questions, queries or even better methods to find the IP address of a website, just let us know via the comment box.


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