How To Download Music From Soundcloud 

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Downloading songs from any online website or application is often easy but not all the time. If you have ever used SoundCloud application then you must be familiar that, on Soundcloud, not the every song is  available to download.

Sometimes, the music uploader or the artist don’t permit for sounds to download. The only songs which are permitted by the artists can be downloaded easily and are available for free. So today, we will discuss on how to download music from Soundcloud that are not readily downloadable. Just in case, if you are wondering to download videos from Facebook, check out the blog post.

How To Download Music From SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them anywhere. This is the best platform for artists to show their talent and spread them all over the world.

Moreover, Soundcloud facilitates interaction between music artists and its listeners which helps even more in promoting artist their art. You can also upload and promote your own music and share them with other users.

But the main problem or I should say a drawback of Soundcloud is that you can not download all the songs from Soundcloud. You can download only a few of the songs from Soundcloud which are available and permitted by the author or the uploader.

So to download them we have to take help of some other additional methods which I have shared below. Now read the full article and learn how to download Soundcloud songs. The methods are listed below.

Method 1: By Going to Official Website

Soundcloud website itself allows their users to download songs for free. But not all of the songs are available to download. If the uploader or the artists allow/permit for downloading the songs then only you can download them for free.

To download Soundcloud songs go to the song you want to download and look for the option Download/Free Download and click on that. See the image below.


Note: Not all songs are available to download for free.

As sooner you click on that download arrow, a new window will popup. Select the location or folder you want to download your songs to, and click on save. That’s it!!

Method 2: Download Songs Using Browser Extension

This is the one of the best yet easiest methods to download songs from Soundcloud. The method I am talking about is just a single click method.

To download songs from Soundcloud, you need to install a Soundcloud music downloader. It’s a chrome extension that offers exactly what you want with no extra steps. Once you install this extension on your browser you will see all the songs will be added with a download button.

This extension adds a download button [] to each song available on the Soundcloud. Just click, over the download button and your downloading will start downloading promptly.

To add extension click on the below link.

For Chrome user- Soundcloud Download extension 

For Firefox user- Soundcloud Downloader

Method 3: Download Songs Using Websites

If you find any difficulties in finding extensions or any obstacle in above methods then you can use these websites to download songs from SoundCloud. I am quite sure you won’t find any difficulties in downloading songs from the below-mentioned websites. Let’s see what these websites are.

Website 1:

This is the official website for songs downloading from Soundcloud. If you want to download a song and you don’t find download button below that. Then simply copy the URL of the song and paste it to the box of the mentioned website.

You will see a big red download button below the box click on It and your song will start downloading.

Website 2: 

This is another website you can download songs from. This website provides songs downloading without any charge. To download songs from the website go to

As sooner you visit the website at the home page you will see a box. Where, you need to paste the link to the track page and click on the red download button. The songs will start downloading immediately. See the screenshot below.

Besides that, you can also refer This site would also be helpful to download the songs.

Many people also love to compose or produce their own music but software can be the issue. If you have ever heard about Garageband, then you must aware about capabilities of that software. Here is how to download Garageband for PC.

I hope after reading the complete article, you would be able to download songs from the Soundcloud website. However, many of songs are easily downloadable but some of them are not permitted by the uploader or the artist.

In that case, my above-mentioned methods will be useful to you. If you know any other way or have any doubt or query regarding the how to download music from the Soundcloud guide, then do ask by dropping the comment in the comment section.

And if you find all the methods working and useful one, then do share it with your friends and relatives, so that they can also take the advantage of the amazing Soundcloud music. Also, have a look on our previous article may be you like that too.


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