How To Delete Comments On Instagram

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That awkward moment when you do a typo on the comment you posted on social media like Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform but don’t know how to delete it! We have all faced it!

It’s a really embarrassing situation!  Have you ever had such an awkward moment before?

Imagine the moment, you have dropped a comment publicly, and later you found you have made a mistake there. What would you do then?? Delete it? Right?  And what if you don’t have any idea about how to delete a comment on Instagram or Facebook!!

Well,  don’t panic, I am not trying to terrify you with thoughts of such a social faux pas. In fact, I am here to get you out of such awkward situations by letting you know how to delete comments on Instagram. 

As you know sometimes dropping wrong comments or typos give the wrong impression or getting odd comments on the picture makes the situation sporadically worse. So, to avoid getting stuck in such weird situations let’s learn to delete the comments.

Comment deletion on all the social platforms is a one-click go. But, this is not the case with Instagram. Though, it’s simple and easy but involves a little different procedure than others. We will show you how.

How To Delete Comments On Instagram

Instagram is an online photo/ video sharing social networking service which allows their users to take pictures and share them on various social platforms.

There are large numbers of apps available, but Instagram dominates them all, due to its amazing filter set and easy to use the app.  

And as it is with social media, once you’re there, and you connect with a few friends and people; you’ll start having loads of fi\un receiving comments on your photos and commenting on others photos as well!

The situations are never the same always. Sometimes you get good, and positive comments and sometimes the comments are that odd that you need to delete them.

If you get positive comments then ok, but if you get some offensive or rude comments, the situation can tend to get out of hand! Though it’s not the major issue for many people some conscious people take it seriously and prefer to delete the comment.

If you are one of those or have ever done a typo or some wrong comments on Instagram, then this question might have stricken through your brain that how to delete a comment on Instagram. If yes, then let’s learn to delete comments on Instagram.

Step 1:  First of all, log into your Instagram account, enter your credentials and hit log in. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to your feed, where you can see all the latest updates.

(If you have searched for how to remove a comment on Instagram and reading this post then I don’t think there is any need to tell you how to do a comment on the same. So quickly moving to the next step).

Step 2:  Go to the post where you have done a typo or a photo where you want to delete the comment. Like as you can see the below screenshot, I have written quotw instead of quote.

Note: Remember, you can delete other’s comment(s) on your picture only, and on other’s picture, you can delete your own comments only. 

Step 3:  Once you are on the image or post select the comment you wish to delete. Wondering how? Don’t be, use your finger and tap the comment and swipe it to the left direction. You can take help of the screenshot mentioned below.

Step 4:  As sooner you swipe the comment in the left direction, you will see a delete icon appears at the top of the screen. Select delete and you are done! See the screenshot.

Once you select delete icon, a notification will appear Comment deleted, Tap to undo. Look at the screenshot. If you notice, there is no comment below. It means you have successfully removed the comment.

Isn’t Deleting comments on Instagram is damn easy?

My basic motto behind providing this guide is very clear. Sometimes, creepy people write spammy comments on your photos, or if you get some offensive comments on your post. These moments do nothing but make the situation stinking.

So, I decided to write down this guide. Though it’s very easy sometimes we find easy stuff confusing if we are not a techie.

Well, this was the just four-step guide to let you know how to delete comments on Instagram. If you have any question or doubts(I’m sure there won’t be any) regarding the procedure, feel free to ask. We are just a click away.

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