How to Change Startup Programs Windows 7?

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Startup programs are the one which shows up once your system gets into action. So, you might want to know How to change startup programs Windows 7? If it is the case with you then you are certainly at the right place.


This article will tell you how to change Startup programs Windows 7? Or How to change startup programs Windows 7 or Windows 7 change startup programs whatever you feel like saying it. If you don’t know which version of Windows you are using, you can easily determine the version of Windows.

How to change startup programs Windows 7?

Method 1: Using startup folder.

Since, you are using Windows 7, so it becomes damn easy to change, add or remove Windows 7 startup programs. No, we are not just bragging off, we will show you how you can easily change Windows startup progrmas. So, let’s get started:

Step #1: As the very initial step, you require going to the start button and click on it. This will open the start menu for you. From the menu, you need to navigate this way: All Programs -> Startup. Once you have reached the startup folder, you now need to make a right-click on it and select Explore from the menu which follows.

This will open the startup folder for you. In the startup window, you will be able to see the programs which you have selected to open at the time of startup. However, you may see an empty window because you might not have selected any programs to launch at the startup.

Once you are done with the mentioned steps, then you now need to proceed to the next steps.

Step #2: Now, in this step you need to locate the program which you want to open at the startup. If the program has an existing shortcut, then this will make things easier for you. However, if not then you will have to create a shortcut for the same.

If you are done with the required then now all that you need is to drag the shortcut to the startup folder which you have left open in step #1. Alternatively, you can also try the copy and paste option for the same. It might produce the same results.

Now, this is it. This way you can quickly add any program to the startup. Just in case if you wish to remove any program from the startup then one easy way is to delete the shortcut from the startup folder.

Method 2: Using MSCONFIG.

Step #1: Navigate to the start button and click on it. Type “MSCONFIG” without quotes at the respective field and click on the “msconfig.exe” which will appear in the search results. This will take you to system configuration console which is very much required.

Step #2: From the window that appears due to the activity of yours in the previous step, you are required to click on “Startup” tab. This will show you a list of the programs which are ought to be launched at the time of startup.


Step #3: Now, from the displayed list, uncheck the corresponding box which you don’t want to open at the time of startup. Check if you want to keep an item to be launched at the time of startup.

Once you are done with all this, just hit the apply button, and this will implement the changes which you have made. Kindly take a note that you cannot add programs to the startup menu. To do so, you need to consider the very first method discussed in this article.

You will also be prompted to reboot your computer to apply the changes. Kindly do the required as failing to do so will revert the changes to its original state.

Method 3: Using Regedit.


Kindly go through this process if you are left with no option because the chances are that you might mess up with your settings ultimately resulting in utter chaos.

Registry editor is a panel which contains information about system registry and more precisely how a computer system runs. Registry Editor is necessary for the advanced and power users.

Step #1: Go to the start button and click on it. Type “Regedit” at the search field and hit enter. Now, click on “regedit.exe” option which will appear at your result section. This will take you to the registry editor window. Before this, you will be asked to provide permission for doing the same.

If you have managed to reach this step, then you are good to go to the next steps.

Step #2: It is recommended to backup your registry as doing this can be a savior in case of any mishappenings. To backup the registry, you need to click on “File” and then select “Export”. After this, you need to locate the destination where you want to save your backup. Once done, you need to click on OK to finalize your step.

Step #3: Now, all that you require is to locate and find the programs which you do not want to run at the system startup. The list may look like:








Step #4: Now, to make changes to happen, you require rebooting your system. This will result in the changes to take place and from the next startup, you will not see any of the undesired elements.

We still advise you to consider this as the last option. The above two methods are efficient enough to do the needful for you.

So, this brought us to the end of this article on “How to change startup programs windows 7?” We hope that this article must have put a halt on your curiosity about Windows 7 startup programs. If your Windows 7 computer is getting slow and hangs too much, here s how you can speed up the performance of your computer.

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