How to Change Language on iPhone?

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Apple’s iPhone is a wonderful gadget to own, provided you know how to use it correctly and make the most out of its available features. The versatility that it offers is undoubtedly one of its best aspects.

Irrespective of whether you are just learning a new language or a multilingual iPhone user, you would want to know how to change language on iPhone onscreen virtual keyboard now and then. This guide will help you with that!

System Language and Keyboard Language

iPhone language can be changed in two fields: the system language and the keyboard language. The system language is to change the device language so that all the pre-installed apps are translated into the chosen language. This also changes all your system errors and messages to the chosen language.

The keyboard language alters the characters of the virtual keyboard to the preferred language on the device so that you can type in different languages on the same document by switching between keyboards.

Users can use only one system language, while they can use several keyboard languages if they know how to change iPhone language.

Why Do Users Need to Change iPhone System Language?

During the device’s initial setup, the system language on the iPhone is set by default according to the region where it was sold, but users may need to change the language as per their preference. Here are some of the common instances why users might want to change language on iPhone.

If you have set the system language to a different one by mistake, you can easily find your way back. Alternatively, if you wish to use your native language on the device, you can do so.

Changing the language on Apple’s iOS devices is pretty simple if you’ve enabled an alternate keyboard.

If a malevolent friend had accessed your Apple phone and changed the language, you might be staring at the screen trying to understand the language on the phone. Have you tried changing it many times, but in vain?

This might still let you use your iPhone to make or receive calls, load and play songs, and everything else, but only if you understand the language on the display and select the right option. Going on and on with guessing what the options could be might be highly annoying.

You might be considering the last measure as restoring a backup on your iPhone and getting back your personal language settings.

However, you don’t have to do this as there’s an easy procedure that you can follow without leaping through the hoops. Get to know how to change iPhone keyboard language in the following section.

How to Change Language on iPhone: A Simple and Quick Guide for Changing System Language

Forget any other strategy that you’d thought of to overcome this frustrating situation as the below steps will help you change your iPhone language back to English, French or any other language you prefer within no time.

When you are in the process of changing the language to something that you can understand, you’ll have to make out what the icons are by looking at the images since you might not be in a position to understand the language on the screen.

  • Navigate to the home screen of your device. From here, locate the gear icon (Settings) and tap on it. You’ll now enter the Settings menu.
  • Tap on it again and go to the sub-menu General Settings.
  • Scroll down on this screen and find out the settings group that contains 4 or 5 options. Select the 4th option in this group.
  • On the next screen, you just have to select the first option, which will take you to the sub-menu General International Settings, where you can select your preferred language.
  • Choose the language setting you want and click on the brightly blue colored icon situated on the right upper corner of the screen. Wait for some time so that your iPhone can apply the new chosen preferences following which you can automatically return to the home screen of the device once the new language is activated.

By the end of these five steps, you will be able to understand the language used on your device, and now you also know how to change the language on iPhone. The next time you face a problem with it, you will know how to do it.

How to Change Keyboard Language?

Changing the language on your iPhone keyboard so that you can type in your native language or any other language of your preference is easy. For this, you should have activated an alternate language in iOS Settings so that you can access and change it. Here are the guidelines:

  • Access the virtual on-screen keyboard from anywhere on your device.
  • Tap on the globe icon and hold on to it to disclose the keyboard language menu and the alternate language keyboards. If you don’t hold onto it, but rather just tap it, it will only switch to Emoji keys.
  • Choose the alternate keyboard language to change over to.
  • Your preferred keyboard language is now enabled on your device.
  • When you want to change back at any time, you can perform the same steps and switch between languages.

Alternately, you can also change these settings from the iPhone Keyboard Settings menu.

Now you know how to change language on iPhone– both system language and keyboard language. Some users might also want to know how to change Siri language on iPhone.

Yes, languages can be changed on Siri also just with the touch of a button. All that you need to do is visit the Settings and select the language from the list under General Settings for Siri. This will change the language for voice as well for Siri uses.

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