How to Cancel Spotify Premium

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There was a time when all the iPhone users were keenly waiting for Spotify to be released. People are starting to discuss about Spotify on all the social media platforms; a few started discussion forums and the product which educated the users on how to use Spotify and how does it work was known to all the iPhone users even before it was released. Yes, this product did have a virality factor.

The design and technical aspects of Spotify have really impressed me. For those who do not know what Spotify is, it is an online streaming service for the iPhones.In this article, you will get complete guide how to cancel Spotify Premium account.

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Soon after Spotify was released the application started getting a lot of downloads and quite a few paid subscriptions which were quite decent for any product to start with. This went on for a while and there was a rivalry between the two companies Apple and Spotify which led to Spotify informing all its users not to buy paid subscriptions from Apple store.


The strategic alliance between Apple and Spotify was made on the lines of sharing 30% of the product revenue. Spotify chose to reduce the subscription charges after the rivalry broke out and went to an extent of sending emails to all the users asking them not to buy paid subscriptions from Apple as that would lead to Apple taking away 30% of the share. It clearly stated that users could save money by buying it from the official website

The reports said that the original application was priced at $9.99 by Spotify but Apple was charging 30% more through the Apple store. This led to the Apple decision of releasing Apple music and now Apple music stands out to be a direct competitor to Spotify in the market for online streaming.

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Now the problem to all the iPhone users is to choose between having an account there or cancel Spotify premium or probably buying a new subscription form the official Spotify website. In the last few articles’s I have focused on a few Apple features and helped you understand a few basics of how to use those. In this article, I will take you through the process of how you could cancel your Spotify free and how to cancel Spotify premium accounts. Hope this one helps you.

Complete Guide About How to Cancel Spotify Premium


Firstly let me take you through how to cancel Spotify Subscriptions

You will first have to log in to your Spotify account and navigate to the subscription page on its official website. You will now have access to your Spotify account similar to what you have on your I phones. You will now have to go through the options of where you find a cancel option.

The moment you are on your subscription page you will find an option called Cancel Spotify subscription by clicking on which a drop down would appear, it the same drop down you will find another option called View your options. You are now performing a function which will take you to the final cancellation page.

Scroll down to the extreme bottom of the page and your will find an option in the tab called Click here to continue to the cancellation page. The application will now ask you to enter the reason of why you are cancelling the premium subscription, so here comes a question, are you confused if the reason has to be specific of could be anything general.

Need not worry, the main reason for your cancellation still remains the same and maybe you might have some other reason as well. Please type the reason in short of why you are canceling. Once the entered reason is processed the application will now take you to the screen where a message would appear with a space for you to enter your Spotify account password.

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Once you have entered the same, please click on Cancel Spotify Premium Subscriptions options and wait for a while. Once the cancellation is approved your Spotify premium account automatically gets converted into a free account. Now it’s your choice if you would want to go for new subscriptions or continue using the converted free account.


The process of cancellation of free Spotify account is may be a step or two less than the process of how to cancel Spotify premium account. You don’t essentially have to go online or so anything to cancel your free account. You are just a call away if you want to get your free Spotify account completely deleted.

You will have to check and contact the Spotify customer care. But yea a few things to keep ready with you before you give a call to the customer support of Spotify are just two things. Your email ID or username and the password associated with the same account. You will then have to give a reason for the cancellation of the account and that will now take a little time for your cancellation to happen.

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If your Spotify account is connected to your Facebook account, if you have used Facebook API to log create an account on Spotify you will first have to delete that application from your Facebook account before giving a call to the customer support. So, before you do anything, remove the Spotify app from your Facebook account, failing to which, the cancellation might not happen even on your request over the call.


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