How To Block a Number On Android

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Every person owns a tech gadget now. These tech gadgets like phones, tablets have brought people closer, but few people don’t hesitate to misuse them.

We often get into situations, where we keep on receiving unwanted calls and text messages from unknown numbers. Sometimes from the telemarketing companies, or from the random people who call random people just to have fun.

In most of the cases, our own friends play pranks and annoy us over the phone in disguise and they keep doing that until we take a step like block numbers and texts from those annoying people.

In such cases, we only look for a solution to how to block numbers on Android. Well, if you are also wondering how to block calls or block number on android, then this guide will come out to be very handy to you.

So, without any additional lag, let’s see how to block calls on android.

How To Block a Number On Android

Android block number is apparently an easy task. Most of the android phones have block numbers android feature inbuilt. But, some android model doesn’t have this blocking features.

So in such cases, we have to take help from the third party application like Mr Number or call control.

The method to block numbers on android is not a tough job to follow, it just varies as per the different versions of Android or as per the manufacturer of the phone.

We will cover here the different methods to block a phone number on android that is inbuilt and using a third-party application like Mr Number and Call Control.

How to block a number on android directly via the call log:

One of the best methods to block numbers is to block them directly from the call log. In this case, we don’t have to type or remember the number. The moment you received the unknown caller, you can block them right away. Let’s see how.

  • Open the call log by taping over the phone icon on your android screen.
  • Now navigate through the number you want to block and tap over it.
  • Now tap the menu button.
  • A handful of options has been pop-up. You can see the option ‘Add to reject list‘.  Tap over it.
  • Now in the confirmation dialogue, tap over Ok. That person would be immediately blocked.

How to block a number on android using blocking mode for all the numbers:

The above method shows the way to delete a specific person. But, if we want to block all the numbers except a few, in such a scenario, we have to follow the below procedure.

  • Go to the android Setting.
  • Now scroll down the list of options and tap over the option Blocking Mode under ‘device’ section.
  • Enable this option. Your blocking mode would be enabled and no one would be able to call you.
  • But, if you want to allow specific users to call you even when the blocking mode is on, scroll down the page and under Allowed contacts, Specify the name of the people you want to allow to contact you.

How to block a number on android by creating the Auto reject list:

You can also block number by creating an auto reject list of numbers. See how-

  • Tap over the phone icon over your Android home screen.
  • Now tap over the menu button and Go to Call Settings.
  • Here the very first option is Call rejection, tap over it.
  • Now tap the option Auto reject list.
  • Here create the list by taping over the + icon.
  • Now you can enter any number you want to block and tap on Save. 

That’s it. You are done blocking that number. Now, as I said above, not all the phones have inbuilt blocking number feature. In such cases, we have to take help from third-party applications.

Though there are numbers of apps out there, I’ll describe two such apps which are very useful and easy to handle.

Mr Number-Block calls & spam:

Mr Number is the best alternative to inbuilt blocking features. It’s a free app and comes out very handy when it comes on blocking number and text messages.

It offers to block calls not only by using the numbers but also area wise. You can even block area code with Mr Number. It also offers free messaging between members of the apps.

Call Control – Call Blocker:

Call Control is another such app which offers call blocking and blacklisting facility. Not only this it also offers to block text, SMS, MMS and picture messages which annoy you.

This is one of the flexible apps which help you get rid of fake calls, spam calls and unwanted texts. This app offers it’ trial version for free then it charges a few dollars when you go premium.

So, now you know multiple answers to the question of how to block a number on android. Now use these methods and enjoy clutter-free calling. Now, you receive calls of the people you enjoy talking to.

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