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9 out of 10 visitors leave your site without taking any suitable action

Change that with SchemaNinja

All in One WordPress Plugin To Get In Front Of Targeted Users Guaranteed
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Try SCHEManinja in $1 for 7 Days

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One stop solution to drive huge conversions
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Featured in

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No-tech experience needed

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  • Optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions
  • Track your results in real time
  • Manage all your marketing offers across the single dashboard
  • Easily increase conversion rates and segment your audience with our powerful mobile responsive features.
  • Generate more leads and sales on every device
  • Anyone can build high-converting marketing offers with SchemNinja
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Perfect Analytic Graph

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  • Compel your visitors to opt in with stunning, incredibly easy to create and feature-packed landing pages with your customized offers.
  • No more wasting time through useless data to see how your campaigns are performing from SchmeaNinja Dashboard.
  • Timed Popup: Show your visitors an engaging Welcome Message to draw them into your site…
  • Target your visitors as they discover your content recommendations and make sure they act on your offers.
  • Show exit offers to abandoning visitors.
  • Reduce your bounce rate, boost your conversions and never lose another lead.
  • STOP Your Website from LEAKING 80% of its TRAFFIC & Bring in 20x More Sales & Leads.
  • Add countdown timers to your campaigns in just a few clicks. Compel your visitors to take action NOW.
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We believe we are building a great product for you to use and share
with whom is important to you.
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SchemaNinja Testimonials 

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GREAT QUESTION, and here’s the answer! SchemaNinja will work for ANYONE with a WordPress site who wants to increase CONVERSIONS and RANKING.  It’s Perfect for ANY NICHE and Specifically applicable for:


Looking to stand out and cash in on affiliate offers

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Affiliate & CPA Marketers

Who need better conversions

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eCom Vendors

Who want to maximize profits from every visitor

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Social Marketers

Build a following in any niche


Who want to maximize earnings and get amazing results for your clients

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Product & Vendors

Who want to increase sales and increase buzz on launches

Try SCHEManinja in $1 for 7 Days

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It takes 30 seconds to Install: Don’t Wait Start Now


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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

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You can find all aswers here if you need them
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Yes there is free version of  SchemaNinja you can download here :

Yes SchemaNinja have 1$ trial for 7 days. You can explore the features of SchemaNinja with 1$ and after that you can choose the plan according to your need.

Yes do we have demo of your features, you can check the demo version here :

Yes, you can upgrade your license anytime, you can upgrade from basic to pro or pro to ultimate version. Just contact us on our support & we will assist you with this.

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