How to Find Your Lost iOS Device in Minutes

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You have recently lost your close to heart iOs devices or scared of losing it you are here reading this article which is really gonna help you in terms of finding, tracking, locking or even wiping if nothing else works (for the worst case if you don’t wanna get your data to be used by others).

Note: Precaution is better than cure so if you have enabled the icloud find my iPhone service on your iPhone.If not then the only God can let you know where your iPhone is!

So basically the only requirement for this will be the Find my iPhone app or inbuilt feature set ON. This feature is preloaded in the iOS 5 but in the earlier this can be done with an existing app in the Apple market.

Prompt while installing iOS 5.

Also one can enable it from the iCloud settings.

Find lost iPhone/iOS device

From another iOS device or your computer, log into the Find My iPhone Site using your iTunes email and password. This handy iCloud site will work from any web browser – it doesn’t have to be an Apple device.

Click the Find My iPhone icon.

iCloud will launch with a location screen powered by Google Maps. If your device is connected to the internet you’ll see the location (within 200 feet) of where it is. Just read on to Find lost iPhone/iOS device.

If you click the blue information icon more options will appear.

The info screen is where you can send a message to your device, remotely lock it, or wipe it completely.

Because you can’t just call an iPad or iPod touch, playing a sound and sending it is useful.

Especially if you lost it somewhere in the house. It can also be used to send a message with contact info if someone finds it. The message will display across the front of the screen, just like an incoming SMS.

If you think your device is in the wrong hands, locking the device is important. It will immediately lock your screen using your existing passcode.

It lets you create a new password if you don’t have one set up already. One caveat is you can’t change the passcode. If a thief figures out your password there’s no way to stop them from just unlocking it.

As a last resort, you can wipe the device. Wiping your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch ensures your private data is protected. If you want to control your teenager’s device usage, it’s an effective threat to make them come home on time or do their homework.

You can also get back all the data if you find your iPhone/iOS device after wiping it by simply installing iTunes or if u have ever made a backup to the iCloud you can directly get it from there also the paid apps will beset back l right and you will get a mail for this action.

Thanx for reading this was hot to Find lost iPhone/iOS device within a few seconds.


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