3 Crucial Steps for Your Blog Popularity In 2022: Bloggers Guide

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Crucial Steps for Your Blog Popularity

Choosing a good domain is easy.

Just select your niche and start searching a suitable domain for your blog. Once you are done with the domain selection the next step is finding a reliable hosting and then WordPress Installation.

These are the basic things to start any blog.

After starting our first blog we start feeling like an authority and consider blogging as a quick way to make money online. This is true that blogs are the good source of income and they can give you money in different forms.

But have you ever thought about how will you drive traffic on your blog?

Without traffic your blog is like a body without life.

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Google Plus has done a lots of work for us. We can simply promote our post on these platform and start getting the traffic.

But what are the exact ways to get the real traffic?

Here we are going to discuss about some of the best ways which I have tried personally and got great results. All 3 methods which I am going to discuss here needs just little efforts and you will start getting great results in just few days or months.

Here are 3 Crucial Steps for Your Blog Popularity:

Write Compelling Content and Update Daily

Writing a compelling content not an easy thing which can be learnt in one day or one month. Once you will start spending time with your own blog and start reading the content of other blogs, your writing skill will improve automatically.

Always write fresh and unique content to make your content more engaging and more shareable.

Writing daily a new content is a good habit if your blog is absolutely new. You can reduce the frequency once you have 100+ post and some good visitors.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep your eyes always open in the search of grabbing some goodies/digital products available on the internet. Like every month you will find some good companies offering domain in $1 per year, hosting in $1 per year or it can be any digital product of a good value. So never make any delay to grab those things.

This is your small investment for your blog promotion to help you run a giveaway on your blog. People will come to your blog for winning this giveaway and this will help you to increase your blog popularity.

Keep Interacting with Others

I always suggest to make blogging relations, because these will help you to get more exposure for your online brand and you can promote your blog in much better way with the help of other people.

We are doing blogging we want to help as many people as we can with our blog and help them solve their issues. So making relations with people in your niche and your readers must be your prime focus. Once you will start interacting with other people then they would live to share your content with their family and friends.

You can start this with Facebook.

Facebook a big platform having too much bloggers interacting with each other every day. So you can join some good groups of your niche and start the conversation with other bloggers.

Always be ready to help others so to earn love and faith. People love when someone helps them, so they will become your true readers.

For getting great results you can join some internet marketing forums or any forums of your niche to know more about the market and public demand.

Final words

If you are still struggling to get more blog popularity and not getting desired results then you must try these tips and observe the traffic boost on your blog. I have personally tried these methods on 3-4 blogs and every time they have worked great for me.

Try them and share your stories with us

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