How to Create iCloud Account

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Apple is one of the leading tech companies across the world, hence its extreme popularity. It always attracts people with its sleek and elegantly designed products. It comes with a user-friendly interface, which makes it popular these days.

Apple is also well known for its performance; the devices almost never lag and runs smooth. This company has released lots of features recently including, iCloud. Apple has started cloud service for its users, which is a cloud-based storage service. However, very few people actually do know how to create iCloud account.

iCloud is accessible for all types of Apple devices, and for Mac OS x users. By creating an Apple account, you can create an iCloud account as well. Once you create an iCloud account, it lets you save your documents, files, photos, videos, music altogether. You can easily access data n iCloud. Here is how to access iCloud Data.

Users only need to sign in to iCloud to access these. Every user with an Apple ID gets 5 GB of storage for free to back up apps and settings on their iPhone, iPad, iPod. The best part is, this service also syncs your photos, documents, and email with your Mac and mobile devices. It is always a good idea to backup iPhone on iCloud. All the iPhone data will be stored on iCloud account and at the time of need, you can easily restore iPhone data from iCloud.

The idea behind iCloud is to be able to access all your stuff no matter what Apple device you’re using. It makes it easier to save all your files in one place, without having to manually upload them to your iPad, or PC.


Due to its ease of access, many people are getting attracted to buy more Apple devices. Here are the few simple steps which will help you to create iCloud account.

How to Create my iCloud Account – Part 1

Step 1: Go to your iPhone’s app list/grid, and tap the settings app. Since in an iPhone, all the app’s icons appear on the home screen, so finding the settings icon won’t take much time.

Step 2: Search for “mail, contacts, calendar” option, in the settings menu.

Step 3: Since we are supposed to set up the iCloud account, “Add account” would be the most appropriate option. Select it.

Step 4: Tap on ‘’iCloud’’. Since Apple gives it highest preference, this option can be found at the top of your menu or screen.

Step 5: Since Apple itself owns iCloud, select “Create a new apple id” option, which usually found on the bottom of your device’s screen.

Step6: Creating an iCloud account is very simple, just like you create your email account. So, next you need to enter your date of birth, select the month, date, and year in which you were born. Subsequently, tap on “next “

Note: If you are 13-year-old or below, you will not be able to create the iCloud account with the above-mentioned steps to create an iCloud account. You will need to request to have an Apple ID setup for under 13s by their school using the Apple ID for Students under 13 program.

How to Create an iCloud Account – Part 2

Step 7: Here begins the actual process of creating an iCloud account. Now enter you first name and Last name
Step 8: You will find two options, either to “use your current email’’ or else “get a free iCloud email” or simply, create iCloud email.
Step 9: Select the option that you desire. If you wish to, you can proceed with your current email address, or if you choose to create a new email address or change iCloud email; this step is the right time to do so.
Step 10: Assuming that you have selected “Get a free iCloud email login address” option then, enter your email address in the “email” input field, and this email would be used as your new Apple ID. Usually, the ID is in this pattern, [email protected] For example, you can create id like [email protected]

It often happens that the ID that you desire may be already taken by someone else. If you too, face such a situation, that someone already has that user name, you can change it, try to create a unique user ID, using numbers, symbols, etc. and make sure you remember it, for the next time.

Step 11: Now you would need to enter a password, and re-enter it to confirm. A password can be any name or number, with at least eight characters. It should contain – at least one number, one upper case, and a lower case letter.

  • Make sure the password is something that isn’t too obvious like 12345678, or abcdefgh, etc., and password should be something you can remember easily. In case you forgot your iCloud password, you can reset that easily. Just bookmark this blog post explaining how to reset iCloud Password for future reference.
  • Make sure you remember it; and then, once it is done, tap on “next” option which is situated at the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 12: This one is an optional step, you can for extra security, enter your “rescue email” to confirm your identity. This rescue email id will help you to recover your password, in case, if you forget your password. However, this id will be used only for security purposes.
Step 13: Now you will be able to see “email updates” option, you can toggle it to ON or OFF mode according to your desire. If you select “On” you will be updated with the latest news from Apple.
Step 14: You you can go through all the important notes from Apple and all the terms and conditions by Apple can be viewed, here. Once gone through them, you can select the “Agree” option from the bottom right.
Note: If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions mentioned below, you will not be able to proceed further.
Step 15: Congratulations you are done with creating your apple ID, you can start using your iCloud account now onwards.

How to Create iCloud account – verification

Step 16: Now in order to verify this account, you need to log in through registered email id, and open the mail, that you have received from Apple. After opening it you will see an option “verify now” click on it, you will be redirected to apple page. Ultimately your account is verified. Now your account is ready for anything and everything !!

If you have any other iCloud account that you are not using, it is a good idea to delete iCloud account.

Final words

If you are an Apple product user, then you should surely learn how to create iCloud account as it can be very useful at times. Although the process may involve some complications, it ain’t that tough to create an iCloud account. Ease this process by following the above-mentioned steps.


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