Are You A Victim of Blogging Frustration? 7 Tips To Avoid It.

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Are You A Victim of Blogging Frustration? Here’s An Article for You…

Are you Frustrated?

Just take a long deep breath and start reading this post with a calm mind and you may find a cure to your frustration.

Let me tell you that you are facing the mental state which many successful people have felt on their way to success.

Frustration is common among bloggers and entrepreneurs who work hard but still don’t get any return. Everyone faces disappointment once during their journey to becoming successful.

If you choose to be an entrepreneur in your life, you choose a path where you would have to first endure hell to reach the heavens.

With this post, I don’t want to console you. I am going to point out the mistakes you have been doing and tips to rise above the pain of failure of your venture.

Are You A Victim of Blogging Frustration?

1. If you are among the majority, You are going in the wrong Direction

What would you do if suddenly a lot of salesmen come to your house, trying to sell the same product in the same manner.

Would you buy the product?

Most of you would have seen the famous movie named The Wolf of Wall Street. The way the main lead of this story, Jordan Belfort makes a sale is completely on a different level in comparison to others. He is among the few minorities of people who do things in a different way and achieve his goals.

You can learn from this movie, and stop following the herd. Use your own brain, generate new ideas and do things in a different way.

As there are already a lot of hard-working people there in the market, you may not be able to complete with all of them. But smart work definitely can beat them all.

2. Stop doing things the way you have been doing so far.

Do you think that launching yet another service like Facebook or just re-writing an article can make you a millionaire?

Let me tell you again that there are already a lot of hard-working fools out there thinking the same way.

Do you think that Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates followed the footsteps of others to make themselves a millionaire?

It’s good to get inspire from someone, but going to far and just copying the exact success formula won’t help, as what worked for them might not work for you. You need to create your own identity and do things the way you feel.

3. Maybe it’s not about how you are doing, but about How much you are doing it

Most of you reading this post, maybe very smart people. But that’s not enough sometimes. Imagine if Thomas Edison would have been lazy, the bulb would have been invented by someone else.

Opportunities are always there for a limited amount of time, and we have a limited lifespan as a human, so gear up now, it’s not a time to be fooling around and being lazy.

4. Accept your mistakes, instead of blaming them on others or making excuses

A failed venture is only a failure when you lose all your hopes. Accusing others of their mistakes will only break the precious bonds you have with your friends. A true man never makes an excuse.

So just accept your mistakes and move on. Ventures are insignificant in comparison to the bonds of friendship.

5. Start Researching

Just accepting your mistakes won’t solve the problem. Start researching what went wrong.

Learn from your mistakes. Find new ways to counter the problem.

Find a key to your problems, and if you don’t find one, create one.

6. Make a Sure-shot Success Plan

So you are done with your research.

Great, now make a sure-shot success plan. Plan out the roles each member of the team has to perform.

Assign roles making the best use of the skills set of your team. In case you encounter trouble again, make sure you have a backup plan.

7. Execute the Plan with all you have got

Every good plan needs a flawless execution. What good can a katana (greatsword) do, if it is not placed in the hands of a samurai (warrior)? You need to execute your sure shot plan with all you have got.

If only you could achieve this, you will finally attain success.

Anyways, always remember that what may seem like a success, may seem to you as a milestone later. That’s the reason, success is said to be a journey and not a destination.

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