Amateur Blogging: 2022 How can I start blogging as a beginner?

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Let’s just conjure up this vision in our heads. You with a little, sophisticated laptop, sitting in a café, on a narrow street in Paris, beneath a cooling umbrella by the beach, riding over the savanna, or in the snug warmth next to your fireplace.

That’s a lovely vision of a life full of adventure, discovery, comfort, excellent money, and, above all, freedom. This is the allure of blogging as a way of life: complete financial independence. Nonetheless, this is picture-perfect. What is the reality of blogging, especially amateur blogging?

What Exactly Is Amateur Blogging?

Amateur Blogging

If you want a quick response, we may describe amateur blogging as the practice of creating and uploading texts online without expecting to make a lot of money.

Or perhaps you shouldn’t anticipate any kind of reward? Is putting personal writings on a personal webpage a pastime as a result of this?

It must begin as a pastime. In the first place, this activity should be enjoyable for you. Otherwise, why write all the time? So it all stems from your enjoyment of sharing an opinion, making a discovery on a certain issue, or simply publishing anything that comes your way online.

This brings up another element of inexperienced blogging. You must be open to individuals you know as well as strangers who read what you write. You should consider getting comments or critiques from people who have different points of view than you.

Is Earning Money a Necessary Component of Amateur Blogging?

Is there any connection between amateur blogging and earning money? In theory, if it’s an amateur activity, you merely do it because you want to. Without any expectation of profit. This is the beginning of the blogging activity. Don’t start thinking about money.

This is simply not how it works. Furthermore, if you expect to be paid for what you write, you will be very quickly disappointed. You will not perform amateur blogging if you are a professional writer. You should accept paid blogging assignments.

Take delight in the activity itself, as well as the network of readers you may develop if you publish frequently and gain regular followers. Then money may arrive.

Not Choosing a Reliable Host

Choosing a Reliable Host

You don’t have a reliable hosting provider or are you utilising a free hosting service? If you answered yes, you are making a tremendous mistake by disregarding this. A good hosting service is crucial for every blogger since if you choose a free platform to host your domain name, it will fail.

Like, you may have less control over that site, and on free platforms, you may not have enough alternatives to modify that blog on your own, and if you use any free hosting, there is a greater possibility that you will lose all of your material if that firm goes out of business.

If you are a blogger who is making this error, I propose that you switch to a reliable hosting service that provides you with blazing fast speeds.

Click the Sign Up button.

Following that, you must click the signup button. It will take a few minutes to go over the specifics.

Wait a few moments, then check your email for essential information about your Rocket.Net account. And you’re finished. That’s it, you’ve successfully acquired your first-ever hosting account from and are already hosting your website.

Awful Blog Design

If you choose free themes, you are architecting your own destruction, which was one of my worst blunders.

What’s the point of mentioning this?

I mention this because, like any rookie, I used free themes in 2018, and as a result, my niche-based blog was hacked numerous times.

I understand that as a rookie, you don’t have the funds to purchase premium themes and plugins, which is why you utilise free themes, which makes your site seem ugly.

However, if you are just starting out with your blog, I recommend budgeting for premium themes because most free themes do not optimize for SEO, do not provide the desired speed, and are difficult to change.

Doing an excessive amount of blog design

The Issue: Let’s get started on that awesome website!

I’m sure we’ve all seen those flashy websites with loads of colors, graphics, and java scripts. When you want to go all-in, there are thousands of WordPress designs to choose from.

Having an 80’s-style website with background music is one of the worst ideas.

This is a poor idea, believe me. When it comes to blogging, simplicity is king, in my opinion. Keeping too much design on your website may slow it down and use up too many of your shared hosting resources. Not to mention the impact of a sluggish website on SEO rankings.

Amateur Blogging

Concentrating on the short term

The Issue: Okay! When will I receive my first check?

This heading is between technical and non-technical, but I choose to retain it in the technical category.

Some first-time bloggers are concerned about getting rapid money. I realise that in the end, it’s all about money, but it doesn’t imply it’s easy money.

For the first time, bloggers are so focused on the end result that they neglect the quality of their website and content.

Content Copies

The Issue: In order to get started quickly, let’s copy stuff from somewhere else.

Wait a minute! Stop. What do you mean? Copying content is just as terrible as not having one.

New bloggers plagiarise the material of other websites, while experienced bloggers resort to other websites for inspiration.

Remember that no one is born an expert and that everyone must learn as they mature.

Remember that if your original source files a complaint on your site, you might be barred for life.

There is a law known as the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) under which an original post authored can file a complaint against you, which might be disastrous for your website.

Here’s a video that explains how Google deals with website owners that steal content from other websites.

conclusion: Amateur Blogging 2022 | How can I start blogging as a beginner?

Blogging Advice – From Blogger to Entrepreneur When it comes to blogging, there is a golden rule: blog like a business and think like a CEO!

Gone are the days when you could sit in front of your laptop and spend all of your time producing content. When it comes to blogging, you should concentrate on two things: content and outreach!

The foundation of every website is made up of authoritative connections from high-ranking domains. Backlinks, regardless of what anyone thinks, are critical for the success of a website. Even the finest material will slide between the lines in search engine rankings without do-follow backlinks, and will only be discovered by a handful of bored browsers.


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